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Photo by The Eastsider LA

Some Echo Park residents have noticed this as recently as the Lotus Festival: It appears the Lady of the Lake statue at Echo Park Lake is missing a few digits. The fingers of both hands have fallen off the 76-year-old statue (or perhaps broken off by vandals), which has been repaired as recently as May of 2009.

It seems the Neighborhood Council took on paying for restoration in prior years, and there seems to have been some drama revolving its restoration. An August 2008 article on Chicken Corner has the back story behind it all, including the story about how the neighborhood in the late ’90s  got the graffiti-marred statue back after being stored for 13 years.

GEPENC President Jose Sigala commented on The Eastsider LA article on the subject, saying:

I join with others in expressing my anger over the defamation of the artistic history and cultural icons of our neighborhood. I see no difference when a developer tears down a cultural and historical home or structure with the mindless vandalism of the Lady of the Lake. Both actions impact the reason why we live here in Echo Park.

Given the city’s budget financial crisis, I am not sure where the funding many come from to repair the lady of the Lake.

I am not sure what the cost may be to replace the statue’s hands but I would like to commit to work with other community members in identifying and raising the funds to restore her hands.

I will ask to see if any of the funding that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the lake may be used to assist in repairing the statue.