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The opening reception for DIY Gallery’s next art exhibit starts tomorrow (Saturday, September 18, 2010). Stop by after 7:00 pm for “Schultztember,” a collection of new work by the Schults Brothers, an art and music duo based in Los Angeles.

From the DIY Gallery website:

The Teller of Lore speaks of images … Speaks of dreams … Speaks of sights and sounds of this world and others. Some understand the messages in the symbology represented on these visions , while others seek the knowledge hidden in them. Some fear the gifts they are given while others embrace the responsibility at hand. There are those who see the light as a beacon to guide them through the darkness and others who embrace the shadows knowing the blinding dangers of the light. Water to quench the summer thirst, fire to warm the winter hearth. Nor summer nor winter, Schultstember is upon us.

Closing reception is October 16, 2010.

DIY Gallery is located at 1549 West Sunset Boulevard