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An Angelino Heights resident was surprised to find a hole in his front yard where there once was a beautiful fountain. He posted this warning on the Angelino Hieghts neighborhood Yahoo! forum:

Last night [Saturday, February 19], between 7:30 and 11:00 pm our beautiful, antique fountain was violently ripped-out and looted from our front yard at 1411 Carroll Avenue.

It will be missed not only by us who have so much enjoyed watching the birds drinking and bathing and listening to the sound of running water but also by all the birds, dogs, children and adults who pass by and for whom it has given so much pleasure.

Please contact us if you saw or heard anything. Also, if anybody has a spare fountain lying around in their back yard please let us know.

We’ve read with concern the many recent posts about thievery in our neighborhood. Just so you all know, it’s getting worse.

I’ve had some pretty surprising stuff stolen from my yard (including a VERY heavy rock sculpture). It’s amazing someone will go to such lengths to steal your stuff!