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An LADWP press release last week announced February’s water use was the lowest recorded water use in 32 years, also marking 31 consecutive months of reduced water use.

“In a time when water resources are scarce throughout the state, Los Angeles is taking the lead and setting an example on how to conserve water and maintain a sustainable water supply,” said James McDaniel, LADWP Senior Assistant General Manager – Water System. “The more we can rely on our City’s available water resources, the better prepared we are to get through this water crisis as a state.”

The department claims Angelenos have cut water use by 30 billion gallons over the past nine months, and 50 billion gallons since July 2007.

But it’s almost summer, and soon enough those heavily landscaped areas will need watering in the hot desert sun. As a reminder to our readers, Los Angeles county water restrictions start June 1, after which it is “illegal” to:

  • Use sprinklers on any day other than Monday and Thursday
  • Water landscaping, including lawns, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
  • Water using sprinklers for more than 15 minutes per watering station, 10 minutes for other irrigation systems
  • Use water on any hard surfaces such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or parking areas
  • Allow runoff onto streets and gutters from excessive watering
  • Allow leaks from any pipe or fixture to go unrepaired
  • Wash vehicles without using a hose with a shut-off nozzle
  • Service water to customers in restaurants unless requested

Click here for the full list in PDF form.

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