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Shield your mothers from the computer, this might be the most graphic thing we’ve ever posted on EPN… (scandalous!!).

We can’t help it, this is one of those headlines that makes you wonder. Curbed LA posted this little tidbit today along with the following head-scratching photo:

Photo from Curbed LA

A tipster sends in this photo of what we’re pretty sure is not a Smurfs promotion and writes: “As if Echo Park isn’t strange enough, this blue penis sculpture was just merrily sitting on the hellstrip on Allesandro at Whitmore this afternoon. It disappeared in just a few hours. Who put it there? Who picked it up? How strange is this place?” Pretty damn strange, EP! Your move, Silver Lake.

Perhaps this is a replica of the murder weapon used in A Cockwork Orange? Oops, I mean A Clockwork Orange?

Curbed LA, you are a cheeky and clever internet friend. We dig it.