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Echo Curio wants your art for it’s April show. This time there is no theme so you can bring whatever your imagination can whip up! Bring your pieces to Echo Curio on Tuesday, April 6th between 7 and 10 pm for inclusion in the show. Don’t worry; if your piece doesn’t sell you do get it back. Echo Curio is located at 1519 Sunset Blvd.

Here is what the folks at Echo Curio have to say: “Ok, ok… tired of all that thinking, all that cramming your round ideas into our oval holes.  Well, this show is for you. Bring what you want, bring what you got, hell, make something new.  We don’t care.  We won’t ask what it is. We just have to be able to hang it or put it on a shelf, and we’re good to go.  Free and easy.”