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This week’s flashback is another fun photo find, this time along Sunset Boulevard. We’re not certain when these photographs were taken, but my amateur classic car knowledge places it around the 1920s or early ’30s (please let me know if this is inaccurate and we’ll happily revise!).

The photo above shows the building where The Echo is currently located. The original architecture on the left-hand side of the image, where the arches are, display what is now Two Boots and Origami Vinyl, the central entrance is now The Echo.

Makes you kind of wish the arches on the right-hand side were maintained, right now there’s the old Nayarit Restaurant sign.

The photo on the right is around, I believe, the same time. This is taken from Sunset Blvd. on the Bridge that crosses over Glendale Blvd.. Notice the wooden sidewalk along the left side of the street, and you can see the Jensen’s Recreation sign in the distance. And of course, the trolley lines zigzag across the sky.

Flickr photos via Echo_29

At a price tag og $495,000 to $649,000, the 5 Sunset Five lots are now officially up for grabs. You can take a look at what’s inside by going to the website, www.sunsetfive.com. A little stark and modern for my tastes, but those views are totally worth it.