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From Andrew on the Echo Elysian NC Forum:

Last night just before dusk, a guest of mine went out with one of my dogs up Park Drive to the Marion Harlow garden.  A man followed her from Park Drive into the park and then went into hiding in the bushes.  By the sound of it, he was acting suspiciously and did not have good intentions.  She described him as about 5′ 9″, medium build, tan complexion, brown or black hair.  He was wearing a dark navy or black track suit and a white knit beanie cap.

Please be aware.

This sounds a lot like the lurker who was doing this a couple years ago and was later arrested.  If it is the same person, what was effective was that when he was spotted, that people yelled at him loudly and let him know that he has been spotted.

We called the Rangers and Office of Public Safety (Park Police) when she got back and she filed a report.
If you see any suspicious activity, please call:

Park Rangers:  (323) 644-6661

Office of Public Safety: (213) 978-4670