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For this post, we’ll momentarily drift away from Echo Park and into nearby Silver Lake. Sustainable Silver Lake is throwing an Earth Day event at Spaceland on Thursday, April 22 from 12 noon – 5:00 pm.

The event focuses on getting everyone to adopt just one more eco-friendly practice in our daily lives – from using re-usable grocery bags to turning off the water tap while brushing your teeth. Those pledges will be broadcast live on the web by Dublab during the event. KCRW’s Anthea Raymod, KPCC’s Alex Cohen and actor Ross Marquand will MC, and renowned photographer Doug Hill will document the event. Eco experts will also be present to share tips on how to green our lives, with local vendors providing green snacks.

To participate in this event, please contact Sustainable Silver Lake: info@sustainablesilverlake.org

To volunteer with Sustainable Silver Lake to help with this event and help make Silver Lake Sustainable, beautiful, and green, email membership@sustainablesilverlake.org

The group also hosts a free series called “Sustainable Saturdays” at the Silver Lake Library. The program provides guidance to residents about sustainable living, including talks and workshops by sustainable experts and documentary films about sustainable practices. Learn more here.