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Flickr photo via Hane C. Lee

Here’s a story so strange I had to do some research to make sure it was true.

Today is the official Burrito Day in Los Angeles. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely too strange – Mayor Villaraigosa did bet El Tepeyac’s “Manuel Burrito” for the first series of the NLDS last year (is that still considered LA’s best?), so burritos are amongst LA’s finest. But 25 years ago, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley announced December 19 as the official day, two years after Loyola Marymount’s college station KXLU declared it unofficially.

Here’s the proof (or possibly the proof, there is a seal on it after all):

So now we search for the best stuff wrapped in a delicious tortilla in Echo Park.

As a non-meat eater, I simply can’t call this one. But whether it be a meat burrito, breakfast burrito, from a truck or a restaurant, it’s your call Echo Parkians. Where do you get the best burrito in Echo Park?