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On occasion I like to post about cool things filmed in Echo Park, but this one is particularly special because it’s the debut music video of our very, very good friends of Nude Data. Transplant Productions is the video production team extraordinaire, and we think they did a great job of highlighting some key Echo Park locations like Laveta Terrace, the bus stop at Sunset and Portia, Little Joy (briefly), and a local recording studio by the name of Out of Hand. The rest is Chinatown and Spring Street – all pretty cool locations.

So this is a bit of shameless promotion for my mates, but if you’ve got a music video or film of some kind that was filmed here in the neighborhood, drop us a line or share it on our Facebook page – we like to spread the love!

Multimedia Journalist and Los Angeles resident Emily Frost sent us this video she shot recently documenting the Echo Park Time Bank.

Having heard about such projects on the East Coast, she discovered the Echo Park Time Bank and decided to start filming. Emily told us, “It’s a great organization – I loved hanging out with them while shooting.”

Check out Emily’s video below!

If you’re interested in time banking, check out the organization’s website.

The next time banking workshop is a Beekeeping class on Saturday, July 16, 2011 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Learn from Echo Park Time Bank member Leonardo Chalupawicz about how to maintain a colony of your own! The workshop takes place at the Micheltorena School Community Garden, 1511 Micheltorena St. Contact info@echoparktimebank.com for questions.

The LA Times takes a close look at some of our favorite Los Angeles neighborhoods (including, of course, Echo Park!) in a video titled, “My LA: Four locals tell all about Echo Park, Griffith Park, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake.”

Included in the video is Shannon Losorelli, store coordinator at 826LA’s Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

FYI, the video ends with a list of places mentioned in the video, including Masa. The restaurant’s website is listed incorrectly – make sure to go to masaofechopark.com if you’re interested…!

This first Echo Park video to cure your Sunday blues (another week starts tomorrow… sigh) comes from Pamela Wilson of L.A. Unleashed on the LA Times website. A backyard hummingbird, which you’d normally see vigorously flying around, chilled out long enough for her to snap some video: “For more than 7 minutes, I videotaped the tiny creature, watching it bounce and sway, and I started to hear soul music in my head. After it finally flew away, with the footage in my computer, I added just the right Al Green song, ‘I Feel Good,’ and it’s just like he’s dancing to the music.”

Check out the final product below:

(h/t The Eastsider LA for the link!)

In things weird and strange, The Eastsider LA posted a short video taken by someone yesterday at Echo Park Lake who captured a few seconds of someone navigating the waters on not a boat, but an air mattress:

Good luck to that guy! He’s probably still trying to get back to shore.


Here’s the guy who did it: Marc Horowitz of The Advice of Strangers website. One of his website fans suggest he try boating on the lake on an air mattress. Here’s his video:

This video holds a special place in our heart not just because it’s Halloween, and the video rocks, and the song rocks, and Michael Jackson rocks, but also because it’s got a little bit of Echo Park – well, Angelino Heights – in the video.

See if you can catch the spot, your cheat sheet after the jump:

Michael Jackson- Thriller from MQC on Vimeo

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We found this video on the Huffington Post, called the “Edible Landscape of Los Angeles.” Click here for the article or check out the video below to watch:

While the video above might take place in nearby Silver Lake, there is a LOT of fallen fruit in Echo Park to explore.

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