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From Machine Project:

Waffle Shop meets Porta Hedge

Tuesday July 28th, 2009

If you’re driving past Machine today and see it in its usual spot, don’t freak out! We haven’t gone anywhere, there’s just a portable hedge parked in front of us.

The Porta Hedge is a mobile artificial hedge with a hidden interior observation lab, replete with video surveillance, peep holes, chalkboards, and prerecorded bird audio. Justin Shull and his team are traveling the country with the Porta Hedge this summer, siting it in as diverse landscapes as possible, using the interior observation space (mainly as a defense during overnight stays at rest stops) – and trying to lend it out for other people to use. Along the way they’re also installing it at museums, colleges, and other art related venues for open house days.

Coincidentally, we also have a guest in town, our friend Jon Rubin, who’s just opened an experimental restaurant/talk show venue in Pittsburgh called the Waffle Shop. Both Jon and the Porta Hedge are here for a limited time, so please join us TONIGHT, Tuesday July 28th, at 8pm for Waffle Shop meets Porta Hedge. A brief presentation by Jon about the Waffle Shop will be followed by a talk and show-and-tell by Justin about the Porta Hedge.

Machine Project is located at 1200 N Alvarado.