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Today was a another gorgeous, breezy, cool day in Echo Park – a great break from the recent heat that keeps the kitchen activity at a minimum and the window AC on high. Tonight we got another rainbow (and even sightings of a double rainbow), and now as we are enjoying the after dinner glass of wine there is plenty of lightning and thunder flashing through the windows. Although this is my favorite kind of weather, it’s a little eerie that it’s not 85 degrees and clear skies – but the weather girls keep saying we are getting “monsoonal moisture” in the foothills, creating those big thunderheads we’ve been seeing a lot lately and now the lightning bolts.

It was about a year ago that it was literally 90 degrees outside at 9:00 pm (unusual for Los Angeles, not the central valley!), and we had an incredible storm producing some amazing shots all around Echo Park. Although we’ve been living here for more than a few years now, it’s always a pleasant surprise.

Makes for a beautiful sunset!

Some weird weather the past week, eh? There’s been a little bit of humidity in the air as of late (I’m not complaining, having just come back from Virginia a few days ago), causing some “monsoonal” rains in the dessert and bulbous (cumulus?) clouds over the mountains.

Nearby neighbor Will Cambell posted this photo of the Silver Lake sky the other day on his blog, and there was even a report of drops of rain Elysian Heights/Echo Park on Tuesday. This weekend promises some nice, sunny, and cooler weather with a high of 80 degrees. Sounds like a perfect weekend for some Elysian Park BBQs?

Palm fronds litter the park along Stadium Way after a day of windy weather. The wind also took down part of a tree near where a lot of park visitors play soccer.

Because we can’t get enough of them! All photos are from Echo Park area. Email us if you have some amazing shots to share.

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

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There was a real nice sunset tonight you can see from, well, Sunset Blvd! You probably saw the huge thunderheads over the mountains earlier today. Other areas didn’t fare as well as we did – a flash flood warning in parts of Southern California actually resulted in some crazy storms, including the following video from Lake Elsinore, which was also featured tonight on KTLA. Hard to believe that’s So Cal in August!

Clouds are looming on the horizon, and rain is in the forecast for the Los Angeles area. Bring your umbrella, and it’s a little windy outside so watch out for those flying palm fronds!

Let’s also hope the weather is favorable for tomorrow’s Dodger game against Cleveland.