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For the week of Monday, June 21 through Sunday, June 27th.

Rainbow^Arabia, Abe Vigoda, Aska, Demo Team, DJ ORO11 at The Echo (free!)
Desktop Rulers, Nightmare & The Cat at Bootleg Theater
Nu Sensae, Shearing Pinx, NASA Space Universe, Bad Party at Pehrspace
Totally Serious, Witt, Rats, Snuffaluffagus at Echo Curio

Seasons’ EP release, Tenlons Fort, Death to Anders, Magick Orchids at The Echo
Gemma Ray at Origami Vinyl (free! Early Show; 7 PM)
Space Waves at Bootleg Theater
Nude Beach, Fim at Echo Curio

Matmos, So Percussion, Lexie Mountain Boys at Rec Center Studio
Hot Hot Heat, Eulogies, Links at Bootleg Theater
No Babies, Hawney Troof, TEARIST, Signals at Echo Curio

Benefit for Musicares Nashville Flood Relief Fund feat. Carlene Carter, Dave Alvin, Exene Cervenka, Syd Straw, Tony Gilkyson, Seaspin, The Damn Sons at The Echo
Family of the Year, The Steelwells at Bootleg Theater
Learning Music, Rats, Donut at Echo Curio

Joe Pug, Jim Hanft, Sonny Pete at The Echo
Head Like A Kite, Smoosh at Bootleg Theater
Lemuria, The Monthlies, Roman Candles at Echo Curio
Moses Campbell, Aerial Stereo, Record Year, Watercolor Paintings at Pehrspace
Travie McCoy, Tay Dizm, Tiron, Ayomari, 82 Stuck Up Kids at Echoplex

Lou Barlow, Sarah Jaffe at Bootleg Theater
Giant Drag at Echoplex
Bowery Beasts’ 7″ release at Origami Vinyl
Gabriel Sullivan, Maquiladora, Alina Cutrono, The Fragile Gang at Echo Curio

Grand Ole Echo feat. Dan Janisch, Chris Latero & Buffalo Robe, Vanish Valley at The Echo (free! Early Show; 5 PM)
Part Time Punks feat. Fuxa, LSD & The Search For God + Suki Ewers at The Echo
Holy Rolling Empire, The Sea of Cortez, The Atlantic Line, Freddy Fudd Pucker at Echo Curio

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Monday, May 31st – Sunday, June 6th

The Like, The Young Veins, The Living Sickness at The Echo
Foot Village, Bitches, Nicole Kidman, Forts at Pehrspace
David Scott Stone, Tom Carter, Cooling System at Echo Curio

When You Awake presents First Aid Kit, Samantha Crain, Whispertown at Bootleg Theater
Jeremy Dawson (DJ set), White Apple Tree, Buddy Akai at The Echo

Hot Hot Heat, Stone Darling, Chasing Kings at Bootleg Theater
School of Seven Bells, VOICEsVOICEs, Sister Crayon at The Echo
Socorro, Sisu, Monster at Echo Curio

Free Kutmah Benefit Concert feat. Dam-Funk, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Samiyam, Teebs, ABCNT and special guests at Echoplex
Born Ruffians, Young Rival, Random Patterns at The Echo
Spotlight, Floodlight, Lex Land at Bootleg Theater
Hand, Henry Wolfe, Black Jesus, Matthew O’Neill at Echo Curio

Club Underground feat. Quadron at The Echo
Tilt, Class Actress, Neon Indian (DJ Set), CFCF, Lexicondon, Short Circuit, B.R. at Echoplex
Infinity, Oh Darling at Bootleg Theater
The Delta Mirror, Memory at Origami Vinyl (FREE! Early Show; 7 PM)
Moses Campbell, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Big Whup, Spirit Vine at Echo Curio
Hello My Name Is Red, tomorrows tulips, Meho Plaza, Cobalt Cranes at Pehrspace

Local Natives, Voxhaul Broadcast, Marvelous Toy at Bootleg Theater
Painted Hills at Origami Vinyl (FREE! Early Show; 7 PM)
Jack Wilson Jr., Jo and Jillinda, Sister Grizzly, Honey Loving Cells at Pehrspace
The Body Parts, The Preservation, Oh, The Future at Echo Curio

Subhumans, Cross Stitched Eyes, A-Heads, Rayos X at The Echo

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For Monday, May 17th through Sunday, May 23rd

The Like, Jail Weddings, Gestapo Khazi, Starfucker at The Echo (free every Monday)
New Music Monday feat. Zach Steel, Ilo Mar, Mike Kitcher, Sleepwalkers Local at Echo Curio
Syndrome WPW, Psychic Handbook, Back to the Future the Ride, Foreign Cinema at Pehrspace

60-Watt Kid, VOICEsVOICEs, Pizza!, Tan Dollar at The Echo
Dos, Tsigoti, Married In Berdichev, French Quarter, Whitman at Echo Curio

Horse Feathers, Dawn Landes, Liz Pappademas at Bootleg Theater

Rats perform live soundtracks at Echo Curio
Live percussion and DJs at the Echo (see our post)

Shadow Shadow Shade, Red Cortez at Bootleg Theater
Francis and The Lights, Teen Inc at The Echo
Heard Of Elephants presents Woah Hunx, Christmas Island, Tijuana Panthers at Echo Curio
Wow and Flutter, Timonium, The Lights From Here at Pehrspace

The Babies, Heavy Hawaii at Echo Curio
Odelia, By Sunlight, Future Ghost, The break ups at Pehrspace

Silver Lake Jubilee 2010 feat. The Living Sisters, The Entrance Band, Nico Stai, Olin & the Moon, Big Whup, Tijuana Panthers, My Pet Saddle, The Black Apples, Spain, Eulogies, KILLSONIC, Mississippi Man, Dirt Bird, The Health Club, The Growlers and many more at Myra Avenue (the corner of Hoover and Santa Monica to Fountain Avenue) Not in Echo Park but close!

Bonfire Madigan, Dubus, Patsy, The I’s at Bootleg Theater
Grand Ole Echo presents Groovy Rednecks, The Cheatin’ Kind, Robert Black at The Echo (free, 5pm)
Part Time Punks feat. Geneva Jacuzzi, Soft Metals at The Echo

Silver Lake Jubilee 2010 feat. The Like, Foreign Born, Division Day, Voxhaul Broadcast, Dios, Wet & Reckless, Seasons, Downtown/Union, Timonium, Moses Campbell, Family of the Year, Tenlons Fort, Social Stufies, So Many Wizards, Useless Keys at Myra Avenue (the corner of Hoover and Santa Monica to Fountain Avenue) Not in Echo Park but close!

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