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In Atwater Village

We might still have no Internet, and there are still thousands of Northeast LA residents without power (including Atwater Village, Los Feliz, Silers Lake, Highland Park, etc.), but the cleanup has begun.

At last night’s Echo Park Improvement Association town hall/holiday potluck, CD1 field deputy Richard P. Reyes told residents (which occupy both CD1 and CD13) that all field deputies had been going around the districts all day yesterday taking note of fallen trees and anything blocking streets, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Apparently there were a LOT of smashed cars and blocked streets. And last night we even had trouble getting home back to Echo Park, running into road closures on Riverside, and fire trucks up on Landa responding to a house fire (resulting in a 15-point turn by myself and four other cars on the narrow, windy road).

As far as we know, 311 is still operating 24 hours a day for non-emergencies. Call 911 for emergencies, and don’t touch any fallen power lines even if it appears the power is out.

Now what to do with all the debris? The LA Times reminds us that while Pasadena will have to deal with all those palm fronds in some other way, Los Angeles neighborhoods are allowed to recycle them in the green bins. If you can, just try to chop them up a little so they fit in the bin.

A couple of more tips from the LA Times blog series on what you can recycle:

  • Palm tree seeds are not recyclable, and should be placed in the trash bin
  • For any palm fronds that are on public sidewalks or streets like in the photo above, dial 311 and hopefully eventually the Bureau of Sanitation/Street Services will collect them
  • Call your field deputy or council district representative if there’s a fallen tree blocking a road, driveway, etc.

While the wind storm last night didn’t exactly do any damage to our rental property, we struggled to sleep most of the night, worried the roof was going to blow off, or the windows were going to explode, or something was going to come tearing down Sargent and Scott into the new care.

The “my roof is going to blow off” worrying aside, the incredibly bursts of wind versus crappy rental windows, doors, and overall framework was borderline frightening. And it ain’t over yet – high winds will spur up again early tonight through Friday morning, with 60-80 mpg gusts in the mountains and coastal areas. 40,000 residents are estimated without power in the eastside, Atwater Village, and other neighborhoods in northeast LA, and while we’ve got power at home there’s no Time Warner cable or Internet (how are we going to live?!).

Delilah Bakery's new overhand took a beating

Pictures are popping up all over the social media networks, with businesses and residential homes sustaining quite a bit of damage. Delilah Bakery’s new patio awning took a tumble, but they are still open today. Masa Bakery & Cafe lost its sign last night, thankfully not landing on anyone outside the restaurant after dinnertime (the sign is carefully tucked away behind the restaurant, but don’t think Masa has closed down as it’s still open for business!). Just don’t go to Griffith Park – these crazy Santa Ana’s closed down the park due to fire danger.

Don't let the missing sign confuse you - Masa is still open!

Twitpic via lagueratamalera

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