“Federal officials” visit Magic Gas in Echo Park

From Jaime on the Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council forum:

I saw Federal officials this morning at Magic Gas… looks like they finally got busted for mixing water in their gas. There have long been whispers that their gas is not 100% gas. I haven’t filled up there for a while because the last time I did, my car did not run well and my tank emptied in less than 3 days! Several neighbors have been complaining about their gas for some time.

Does anyone know if this is for sure? I asked an officer but he said he could not comment. When I asked if it had to do with water in the gas, he replied the same but with a bit of a smirk on his face as if saying, “You got it.” Anyone?

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  1. Mathew says:

    YES! I went there once a few years ago and filled up and my tank BARELY reached half full! I told the guy in the shop that something seemed wrong and he immediately started yelling at me! Im so glad they got busted!

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