The Week In Music

For the week of April 5-10, 2010

Demo Team, Charlie Wadhams, Henry Wolfe at Bootleg Theater
Walking Sleep, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Sons of August, Carsick Cars at The Echo
Fangs, Rare Grooves, The Real Noriegas, Hello My Name Is Red at Pehrspace
The Numerators at L’KEG Gallery
David Scott Stone at Echo Curio

Nothing Yet

Miles Kurosky, Pancho-san, Sexy Jail at The Echo
Craig Wedren (of Shudder To Think) at Bootleg Theater

We Are the World vs. We Are Wolves, Sir Heffington’s Fingered at The Echo
The Deluge, theendisthebeginning at Bootleg Theater

The Janks, Family of the Year at Bootleg Theater
Club Underground w/ Spirit Animal, Gray Kid at The Echo
Suki Ewers, Old Toy trains, Space Waves at Pehrspace
Ja Prawn at Origami Vinyl

Saint Motel, Voxhaul Broadcast, The Pity Party, Mississippi Man at Echoplex
Wires In The Walls’ EP release, Olin and the Moon at Bootleg Theater
Old timey bluegrass from Walter Spencer and his crew – out on the patio drink some lemonade, some beer, embrace the spring time! 6pm At Stories bookstore.

Grand Ole Echo w/ I See Hawks In L.A., Wheelhouse, Mars Arizona at The Echo
The Boats, Sharp Objects, Gestapo Khazi at Echo Curio

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  1. echo park fan says:

    yay! every day i love echo park now more. i will look no further for show listings from now on.

  2. Faith says:

    Thank you. We are trying. It helps a lot when people let us know what they like or want. Keep the comments coming!

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