Silver Echo Gallery Trailer for Slasher Film

The Silver Echo Gallery recently released a gorgeous teaser trailer for a slasher film entitled “Patty at the Party.”  The gallery put out the call for artists and held several events in order to raise money for the project at the end of last year. They are working with the “progressive guerrilla movie company” Mongrel Collective and are still trying to raise money to cover post-production and marketing costs.

“In Patty at the Party, slackers & scene kids search for romance & then they get cut up by cute serial ballet dancers.”

The full-length feature will (hopefully) go into production of the middle of June. If you are an artist interested in bringing your skills to the project or are interested in becoming a producer or executive producer contact Taylor or Amber at (323) 702-2131. Or if you want to give them some money, go here.