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Flashback Fridays – Timothy Fonseca

This story can not really be considered Echo Park history as it is still not over. Timothy Fonseca was convicted and is still serving a 35 years to life sentence for murder based on shaky evidence. But I wanted to post something about him, and this seemed like the best way to do it. On […]

Flashback Fridays – Angeleno/Angelino Heights

It was originally spelled with an E and a tilde over the second N. That is the original (Spanish language) spelling of the word. The sign just down the street from me at Sunset and Douglas reads “Angeleno Heights.” Somewhere along the way, some people began to spell it “Angelino”, but no one knows when […]

A Shipwrecked Boat Inside Machine Project

Beginning on Sunday, September 5 (opening reception from 5:00 to 10:00 pm) and running through October 8, Machine Project will be transformed into the site of the shipwrecked Sea Nymph. The wreck is being built by artist Josh Beckman and will “act as an environment for a whole series of events, performances, workshops, and operas […]


REWIND – The Recycled Electronics Store

REWIND: The Recycled Electronics Store is literally a Mom and Pop operation. When I walked in, Jen (The Mom) was playing with her two-year-old daughter while her baby slept in the back. Her husband, Oscar (The Pop), was away searching for treasures to bring into their inventory. For several years, Jen and Oscar Carpinteyro have […]

Flashback Fridays – Historic Filipinotown

Francisco Carino – Intro from Public Matters on Vimeo. Various arguments have been made (and are still being made) as to whether Historic Filipinotown is its own neighborhood or whether it belongs to either Echo Park or the Temple/Beverly neighborhood. It is part of the Thirteenth District and was officially designated Historic Filipinotown in 2002. […]

Upcoming Echo Park Film Center Screenings

The Echo Park Film Center have opened their doors again after their July vacation. Here are their upcoming screenings: THE COVE – Thursday, August 5 @ 8:00 pm Academy Award® Winner for Best Documentary of 2009, The Cove follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to […]

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E.P.I.C. Party and Sale This Weekend

This weekend, the Echo Park Independent Co-op will be hosting three whole days of sales, live music and food trucks! Here’s the schedule: Friday, July 30th All Ladyboy shoes will be $10 off! The Grilled Cheese Truck will be serving mouth-watering sandwiches outside the shop from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Saturday, July 31st All […]


826LA’s Spelling Bee for Cheaters

The event is still almost three weeks away, but fundraising and pledging has already been going on for several weeks in preparation of 826LA’s Spelling Bee for Cheaters. Here’s how it works: Sign up in teams of two or more. It’s free and anyone can join! Raise money for your team. On Saturday, August 14 […]