Shooting Outside The Echo Spooks Residents

According to several news sources, a man parked out front of The Echo opened fire on a few people who were leaving the nightclub last night at around 2:00 am. Two of the men were injured but released from the hospital, but the third was shot in the torso and is still hospitalized.

Rampart Police have not yet determined why the gunman opened fire or if there’s any connection to the victims, but the thought of such random violence has some of us Echo Park residents a little spooked.

“Scary stuff. I may have made an error in judgment in moving to this neighborhood,” wrote resident “Chris L” on The Eastsider LA comments section about the event.

But Lt.Wes Buhrmester of the Rampart Patrol Division is trying to be reassuring, responded to the comment: “You did not make an error in judgment in moving to Echo Park. And I say this being a resident of LA (Montecito Heights) myself. This was not borne out of any activity by the victims, or by the establishment. We are trying to establish motive. While it is not apparent as those of many crimes, there was some reason for the suspect to fire at the group, and we will ascertain it. Echo Park is still an excellent place to live, work, visit and do business. Unfortunately, no areas are immune to violence.”

We are hoping for a connection so that this doesn’t end up being some random violence that we could all be subject to. Be safe out there!


  • It’s possible the suspect may have been standing in the street when the shots were fired, rather than parked on a motorcycle out front. The investigation is ongoing.
  • The Echo is beefing up security. From the website: “We are deeply saddened by the events that occurred outside of our venue last night and are concerned about the well being of those injured. As the investigation is on-going, we are unable to make any further statements regarding the details of the incident at this time. Please be assured that safety is our first priority and to ease the concerns of our patrons, The Echo will have additional security and street patrols in place for upcoming shows.”

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