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“Pocket parks” to take over parking spots on Friday

The fourth annual Parking Day LA will be taking over a few of the city’s parking spots all day this Friday, September 17. The goal? To transform our parking spaces into small pockets of parks, and to change the landscape of LA from one day from a car-infested city into a sustainable (and pretty!) public space. The Parking Day LA website further clarifies: “Additional parks will help reduce the heat-island effect of the City by converting our over-abundance of concrete and asphalt into green spaces that will inevitably promote the civility of the City by offering more spaces for the public to converge.”

In Echo Park, the Echo Park Time Bank Park will be at Echo Park Avenue and Delta (near Chicken Corner, the Durbin project that has been left vacant for so long) from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. They will be “PARK(ing)” front of the lot they hope to some day be, instead of condos, a public park. Time Bank members, Aaron Kuehn and Orchid Velasquez will be offering “‘PARK(infusion)’ – the ‘steepest’ park ever! Assorted aromatic blends of wild flora for you to experience, just add water and your own cup.”

Stop by and hear live music and celebrate time bank member, Alicia Beach’s birthday!

Parking spaces are being transformed all over Los Angeles – click on the map below to find a location near you:

Click on the map for more

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  1. Robert says:

    We’ve go a parking lot in need of some Love,
    near where the Mar Vista Farmers market is…
    3769 Grand View Blvd…I’ve been doing a solo effort
    to beautify the alley, but could use some help with the parking lot !!!

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