Spotlight on Echo Park: Stories Bookstore

Stories Books & Cafe here in Echo Park got a great shout-out in the LA Times online today. The article features the cute bookstore as the “Bookstore of the Week.”

We love Stories for the $5 Mac ‘n Cheese Mondays, the free wi-fi, and its close proximity to a coin laundro-mat as well as 826LA.

Why do you go (or not…) to Stories?

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  1. Jimmie says:

    I dig Stories for several reasons. I like that the availability of used books means I have money left over to buy a tea in the back; I like that you can take a seat and start enjoying your book right away and not have to get home first; I like that parking isn’t particularly difficult to find during the day; and I like the fact that a totally uncool guy like me can support an independent, local bookshop without having to navigate the hipster minefield that Skylight can be. Stories is cool but not THAT cool.

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