Celebrating 50 years on the job at Taix

Bernard Inchauspe, Fernando Gomez, Jose Fragoso

Wednesday night, Taix employees, family and long-time patrons attended a special celebration featuring three of the restaurants long-time employees and the 50 years they’ve dedicated to the job.

The flyer for the event reads, “This is NOT a retirement party,” but it was a party indeed! We stopped by to say hello and congratulate the trio, which included Bernard Inchauspe (dining room waiter), Fernando Gomez (bartender), and Jose Fragoso (banquet waiter). They’ve seen the restaurant change so much over the years – which actually started out near downtown Los Angeles, serving family-style dinners, until moving to its existing location in Echo Park in the early 1960s.

Taix used to be one of those places we’d only go to if our roommate’s mother was in town, treating us to a fancy dinner at the window-less, old-school style restaurant. But now we’ve frequented Taix, usually once a month, to grab an Eagle Rock Solidarity from the tap and nosh on a basket of fries. A little flirting action with Bernard, and we’re set!

If you’ve never been, go! Taix hosts music events throughout the week in the lounge, and even stand-up comedy on Sunday night. They have great happy hour deals, and fabulous staff. And in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “tex.”

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