Brian W. posted this on the world wide web a couple of days ago, and it’s really a nice video of Echo Park Lake. If you’re looking to sell your parents or a friend on visiting you in your new pad in Echo Park, this is the video for you.

Echo Park Dusk from Brian W. on Vimeo.

A lot of us were at the Echo Park Community Parade on Saturday, but there was also another Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Tour around the lake. This time, Maria the Goose joined in on the talk, raising the question: Where will the infamous goose go once the project starts?

Photo via LA Stormwater Facebook gallery.

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The parade was nice this year – I’ve never actually been to one of these before so I don’t have much to compare it to, but there were definitely quite a few typical “LA” moments… Enjoy!

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Echo Park decorations. Flickr photo via Alex de Cordoba

At the Atwater Village Tree Lighting ceremony last week, I got to thinking, why doesn’t Echo Park have one? While we do have a wonderful holiday parade (coming up this weekend!), I think we can certainly add a little more… extreme flashing colored lights to the mix.

Echo Park residents: send us a photo of your house decorations, your neighbor’s decorations, or your favorite one you’ve seen so far. Since Echo Park does such a great job with these holiday decorations, we want to highlight these efforts that make it feel so much more like the holidays (because 72 degree weather isn’t exactly Christmas-like).

Send your photos to:

In JPG format (up to 3MB in size)

Tell me your name and the address or street the photo is from (the address will not be published, we just want to make sure it’s in Echo Park)

We noticed a worker painting over the remnants of overnight tagging on the front and sides of the La Espiga Bakery, located on the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Scott Avenue. We’ve seen it get tagged up before, but they really did a number on the bakery this time around.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Echo Park, so we took advantage of the clear skies and headed to Echo Park Lake. It was so windy (and a little chilly) that the lake’s iconic fountains were blown sideways, giving us a little rainbow along with it.

Flickr photo by BrassAngel

Earlier this week, Angelenos celebrated Dia de los Muertos. This Echo Park home is elaborately decorated for the holiday this year.

Photo credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters, via LA Times

The LA Times online included the Echo Park Pool polling place in today’s article, “Eight fascinating California polling places.” Other strange polling places in the article include a McDonalds, a car dealership, and a very cluttered Silver Lake furniture store.

Last night we went to the Echo Park Senior Housing facility on Morton – where did you go?

Palm fronds litter the park along Stadium Way after a day of windy weather. The wind also took down part of a tree near where a lot of park visitors play soccer.

Flickr photo by Albert Domasin

This beauty was photographed outside of Montana Cans during its store opening on September 24, 2010.

Owner Tony Yanow posted this little sneak peak on Facebook today, with the caption: “It looks like a total construction zone, but there is a lot of stuff brewing at Mohawk. Stay tuned for updates.”

It does look like there’s a lot going on! From how things are now, it’s hard to imagine how everything will be put together, but based on the initial layout concepts Tony showed us at a recent Echo Park Improvement Association meeting, there will be restaurant seating near the front, and bar seating in the middle and in a garden area in the back. I’ve always wondered what it looked like in there – it’s nice to get a peek inside!

Because we can’t get enough of them! All photos are from Echo Park area. Email us if you have some amazing shots to share.

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

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It's a double rainbow!

Another beautiful evening in Echo Park – you’d almost forget it’s 85 degrees outside!

There are rumors of lightning as well – anyone else see it?

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A couple of cars were involved in car wreck yesterday afternoon at the corners of Glendale Blvd. and Montana Street by the KFC/Taco Bell. According to The Eastsider LA, no one was injured (thankfully!).

Be careful out there!

Flickr photo via A.C.Thamer

Oh-so-shiny and love those Chevy Malibus!