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  1. Bird lovers have identified over 70 species of birds at Echo Park Lake.
  2. The only Chinese food place in Echo Park, Chinatown Express, has finally reopened after a fire in the mini-mall last year.
  3. In the Northeast Division (north of Sunset Blvd), there were four homicides in 2010 compared to 38 in 2001.
  4. Mitchell Frank is our Chamber of Commerce President – and a busy man! He owns The Echo and Echoplex, along with El Prado. He is looking for a new space after parting ways with the owners of Spaceland in Silver Lake.
  5. A lot of people do not consider Echo Park technically part of “the eastside.”
  6. The Jensen’s Recreation building sign has been unlit for about five years (but we are working on it!).
  7. Echo Park Lake is famous for the lotus flowers, but it’s been at least two years since they’ve sprouted (hey, some newbs out there don’t know about it).
  8. Don’t tell anyone: I’ve heard rumors of super-secret underground/after hours/speakeasy activities – one I would love to join if I wasn’t always in bed by 10.
  9. They filmed scenes of Gilligan’s Island in Echo Park at the Lake.
  10. Echo Park has a long history of activism, and parts of it even nicknamed “Red Hill” for the high concentration of political activists living there.