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Join fellow bird lovers on Monday, January 2 for the 112th annual Christmas Bird Count at Echo Park Lake! Even though the lake is drained and undergoing construction, it’s important to keep track of what and how many bird species are still hanging around. Bird counters will be able to enter the construction site (with hard hats!) rather than just stay on the periphery.

Over 70 bird species have been counted at Echo Park Lake over the years – the last Christmas Bird Count saw 41 species (winter is usually a popular month for the migrating birds at the lake).

Meet at the Boathouse at 8:00 am for the two-hour count. Bring $5 to participate (make checks payable to the National Audubon Society)

For more information contact  judycalifornia@yahoo.com, or call (323) 663-6767.

Last Sunday (June 19, 2011), area residents and bird-lovers met up bright and early at Echo Park Lake for the final bird count before the lake construction begins this summer. A total of 26 species were counted, all of which we’ve listed below.

Jenny Burman of the Chicken Corner noticed the number seemed a little low compared to last January’s count, which noted 42 species at Echo Park Lake. So she asked bird count leader Judy Raskin, why the large drop? Here’s her answer, from Jenny’s column:

Hi, Jenny. The number of species at any time will vary. For example, the winter migrations are over, mostly, except for the occasional bird here and there. Most of the birds at the lake now either are resident or find their food and shelter within a swath that includes the lake. I’m surprised by the number of Canada geese here now, but I bet they will move on within a few weeks, maybe to the river, maybe to another lake. Most of the wild mallards are gone, as are virtually all of the American coots — I noticed only two yesterday. On the other hand, there were loads of bushtits, a species that we didn’t see much of in recent years.

Now, if you’re not giggling at the word Bushtit – it’s not a typo but an actual bird species (thank you, Wikipedia) – this should answer that question about spring/summer migrations at Echo Park Lake.

Raskin is hoping to do a Christmas Bird Count in December or January, which is an annual tradition for not just Echo Park Lake bird-watchers but also the National Audubon Society. We’ll see how the construction goes!

Here’s the list of birds counted at the lake last Sunday:

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