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There’s this lovely little community that’s formed over the past year or so underneath the Sunset bridge. It includes a gallery (Artillery & Ammo), a vintage and modern clothing boutique (Haute Olive) and a clothing store (Them Atelier). The business-owners and their friends just hang out in their respective spots and wait for people to stroll in and browse, purchase or have a nice conversation.

We walked in through Haute Olive‘s open door and Paul was taking a nap on the couch. But once we started to jiggle some hangers, he was awake and asking us what size shoe we wore. He was watching the store for the day while the owner, Amara Wilson, was out auditioning. She’s a working model and used to be a buyer for Sirens & Sailors. You can tell that she’s got some experience in the fashion industry as every piece is obviously chosen with care and can only be described as fabulous. The place is just littered with dresses, blouses, shoes, bags and collectibles. Amara’s store is located at 1176 Glendale Blvd and is open most days from 11 to 6. And they’re open late at night “whenever there’s a party,” according to Paul. So stop in on your way to or from Dub Club!

A few weeks back we created a post for the Echo Park Art Hop and received some angry comments from someone named “deryke.” He verbally wagged his finger at us for posting an event that he feels just flat out ignored some of the neighborhood’s art galleries. That’s one way to get your gallery noticed. Deryke curates all the shows at Artillery & Ammo and Henry is the owner. They are two of the friendliest and most enthusiastic people I have met in Echo Park. They want to create a serious art scene in east LA that focuses on local artists. And they run a very tight ship, hosting twelve shows in twelve months. A new show opens on the 13th of each month and closes on 6th of the next month. They’re located at 1162 Glendale Blvd.

Everything that I write about Them Atelier is going to be vague and diaphanous which may be the best way to describe this brand/store/collection of designers and artists. The first time I visited them, I spoke with Brian Kim, the founder of the brand. However, the two subsequent times I went to clear up some details, the only one there to greet me was a friendly black cat. I know this much is true: the brand existed before the store and specializes in ready-to-wear and custom denim pieces available at lower prices than most designer jeans. The atelier (French for workshop or studio) sells both Kim’s work and that of other designers. Lately, the space has become a focal point for other types of artists as is reflected in the Them Atelier autumn/winter 2010 catalog. It features both Them Atelier clothing and the artwork of Leslie Shows the former obviously influenced by the latter. Kim has also founded a magazine that features his fashion as well as the art of his friends and co-conspirators: Them Rag. It debuted last November and is scheduled to be released bi-annually. Them Atelier is located at 1160 Glendale Blvd. I’m not sure what their hours are or if they even have regular hours. If anyone knows the answer, feel free to email us or put the info in the comments.

PS – What’s the deal with Front St.? I couldn’t even find it! I thought it was supposed to be right next to Them Atelier. Again, if you readers have any info, please let us know.