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Echo Park Now reader Javier was having lunch at Red Hill today (lucky you!) when he took found a male Lab mix running around. The dog has no tags or a chip, but looks like such a happy one that there’s got be someone looking for him.

Contact us if you know anything about this pup!

This cute furball named “Tootsie” has been missing from its Scott Avenue home, between Parmer and Sargent (north of Echo Park Avenue). Her owners miss her very much!

Please contact us if you’ve seen Tootsie.

What a sweet face!

This bulldog breed was found in Echo Park today – there is a collar but no tag. Anyone missing a “huge” cute-faced bulldog?

Lisa is desperately looking for her lost dog Lola, who escaped on Thanksgiving. Via email, Lisa told us the following about Lola:

PLEASE HELP. I lost my dog “LOLA” on Thanksgiving evening while entertaining guests, someone let the door open and she got out. Maybe scared with all of the cooking rustle and bustle.  I am very upset, i cant sleep or eat. I have done as much as i humanly can for her and i am hoping you can help also. She is snow white. No marks. Smooth coat, pink ears. Female fixed. Around 10 lbs. She had a pink collar with rhinestones on with tags, and microchip information attached. Please let me know if i am sending the appropriate information. Last seen on Echo Park Avenue and Donaldson Street.

Please contact us if you’ve seen Lola, and we’ll make sure Lisa gets her loved one back!

We’re trying to help find this adorable pup in the Echo Park area. Owner Meghan emailed us with the following information:

On Tuesday May 3, 2011 my poor little schnauzer/poodle mix named Selby got out from a yard on Laguna Ave and Echo Park Ave. Her name is Selby and she was wearing a pink collar with tags. She is grey/tan/white, weighs about 20 lbs and and has a microchip. I am offering a $500 reward to anyone who finds her. I am utterly heartbroken over my lost little dog.

Email us at info@echoparknow.com if you have any information!