Missing dog in Echo Park: Help find Selba

We’re trying to help find this adorable pup in the Echo Park area. Owner Meghan emailed us with the following information:

On Tuesday May 3, 2011 my poor little schnauzer/poodle mix named Selby got out from a yard on Laguna Ave and Echo Park Ave. Her name is Selby and she was wearing a pink collar with tags. She is grey/tan/white, weighs about 20 lbs and and has a microchip. I am offering a $500 reward to anyone who finds her. I am utterly heartbroken over my lost little dog.

Email us at info@echoparknow.com if you have any information!

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  1. kuylah says:

    oh i’m so sorry! we live up scott ave. by elysian park and we’ll keep a careful watch for little selby around the neighborhood. hope you find her soon!

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