Echo Park restaurants geared up for Taste of the Eastside

For the first ever “Taste of the Eastside,” we’ve got quite a few awesome treats from local restaurants this weekend. Lots of places coming from all over this side of town, including Silver Lake, Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, Los Feliz, Downtown, and Highland Park, and more importantly, Echo Park!

However, before we get started, I know what you’re thinking. Let’s not get into the whole “eastside” debate this time around. There’s the actual “East LA” which is east of the LA river, and then there’s this sort of north of downtown area that we’re in. Some people call it the “eastside” to make it easier on everyone.

Now then, on to businesses.

Some my favorite Echo Park restaurants have taken up booths at the Taste of the Eastside event, and just to make your taste buds tingle, we’ve got the info on what you can expect to snack on while you’re there.

Delilah Bakery: Whiskey Bread Pudding (and probably the best you’ll ever have)

Cookbook: Farro salad with grilled asparagus, pistachios, mint and sheep’s milk feta

Xoia: Pho Beef Tacos

The Park: Serving up an appetizer from the current spring menu – a savory rhubarb galette (a rustic French pastry) topped with a little salad of watercress, strawberries, burrata cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Also from our neck of the woods, Elf Cafe (vegetarian cuisine) and The Brite Spot (your late-night hangout no doubt) will also be there!

There will also be DJs, cocktails, family activities, book signings, and, as we mentioned, lots of food.

Taste of the Eastside
Barnsdall Art Park, located at 4800 Hollywood Blvd
Sunday, May 15 from 1-5:00 pm.
Click here for the website

Tickets start at $25 for adults, click here to purchase!

3 replies
  1. Vegan mom says:

    Would love to go to this but it seems there is not much vegan fare. What is a vegan to do at this event?

  2. Kelly says:

    Elf Cafe has a lot of vegan options – I didn’t get confirmation of what they’ll be serving but it’ll probably be vegan.
    Hugo’s from Atwater Village will also be there – they usually have vegan stuff too so hopefully they’ll have an option for you as well!

  3. Vegan mom says:

    Will we be able to eat more of the vegan stuff and none of the other? Or will we just get the regular amount and have to skip out on all the rest?

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