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The past few years, we’ve made a nice tradition with our close friends of the usual July 4th BBQ and beer, followed up by an evening walk around Echo Park. Since the Dodgers were out of town, our normal visit to an overlook in Elysian Park to watch the Stadium fireworks was quickly replaced by plenty of unsanctioned pandemonium. In our part of the neighborhood, it turned out to be one of the largest celebrations we’ve ever seen.

And the entertainment was so plentiful, we didn’t even make it to our usual Echo Park Lake visit, which in past years has included homemade M-80s (hate those), young children shooting Roman Candles, palm trees on fire, and lots of garbage (ick!). Now that the Lake is open again, we expected there would be a return to illegal fireworks at the lake, but according to our Twitter followers it was fairly mellow, while the rest of the neighborhood sounded like a battlefield, loud booms sounding constantly off the hills from all directions.

Grand fireworks displays on this Echo Park street

These guys were prepared with safety goggles, helmets and a leather jacket

What was your July 4th experience in Echo Park this year?

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July 4th, 2011 fireworks

Thanksgiving dinner with the family last night was accompanied by an unusual noise this time of year – loud popping sounds coming from somewhere nearby in Echo Park. I immediately concluded the sounds were fireworks, not having the heart to tell my family it maybe, perhaps, could have been gunshots (I’m apparently not so good and telling the difference right away).

We figured it wasn’t the latter, but resident Jeanne did some digging of her own, and apparently the dinner-time fireworks we heard weren’t the only ones. Jeanne emailed us the official word this morning:

Bizarrely, per northeast division desk sargent: some adolescent thought it would be entertaining to light fireworks in the wee hours of the morning in the 1300 block of sunset.

So for once, the large explosive noises were not gunfire-that-sounded-like-fireworks, but actually fireworks.

A relief i guess for it not to be shooting…

Here, here!

We have a bit of a July 4th tradition now after living in our Echo Park pad for a few years: A little barbecue party in the yard, and then a walk around the ‘hood for some crazy fireworks action. Our street used to be like a war zone – teenagers darting into the middle of the street between cars to set of some obnoxious spinner or rocket, and plumes of smoke constantly hanging in the air. This year, our street was pretty tame, but there’s a few around the bend that ALWAYS put on a good show.

First up, Dodger Stadium had fireworks following a loss against the Mets, so we walked up the hill to a little viewpoint where a few locals sat in their beach chairs with the kids and enjoyed the show. Next up, that street around the corner that never fails to wow us with their fireworks (where the heck do they get those?!). They had some chrysanthemum-shaped ones that thankfully didn’t set fire to any of the tall palm trees. This street was pandemonium, kids running around, teens lighting their own little firework bombs, and an all-around good time.

Speaking of pandemonium: The finale, the one thing I’d promised all our friends will never fail to amaze and awe, something you have to see it just once – Fourth of July at Echo Park Lake. And the best word to describe it is indeed just pandemonium, because every year at the Lake are crowds of people lighting roman candles, bottle rockets, spinners, even home-made bombs. You name it, the firework was there, big and small. Last year, dozens of parachute shells lingered in the air while we watched a roman candle launched straight into a palm tree on bird island, lighting it on fire. Every direction you looked was some spinner or sparkler going off, and there was definitely a lot of questionable parenting going on as young kids ran rampant and lit some pretty dangerous stuff. But that aside, it’s kind of fun!

This year sadly, the Lake lacked fireworks and any crowd at all. It was deathly quiet, and strange – a small group of residents who live just up the street told us cops had come by about an hour before announcing the closure of the lake, ordering everyone to leave.

A quiet Echo Park Lake

But that’s happened before – cops come and over loudspeakers tell you to leave. Everything goes on as usual until they show up in full force. But this year they must have done something different, perhaps? Echo Park Patch writes officers had a strong presence (we didn’t see any when we arrived), and “according to officers on duty, there were no incidents at all of people using fireworks in the park.”

It’s a strange contrast to previous years, and with the upcoming rehab project shutting down the lake for two years, we’re wondering if 2010 was the last time we watched the incredible illegal fireworks show at Echo Park Lake.

It’s been an exciting few days in Dodgertown: Manny was traded to the White Sox, the McCourts are battling it out in court, and we won 3-0 against the Phillies last night (take that!). We might be nine games behind in the NL West, but that’s not going to stop a fireworks show on Friday night!

The Dodgers will be up against the San Francisco Giants (commence the usual rivalry bickering) in a three-game series starting Friday night. To commemorate Labor Day and Labor Day weekend, the Stadium will be hosting a fly-over by an LAPD helicopter, as well as a 15-20 minutes fireworks show at the end of the game on Friday night.

Assuming the LAFD doesn’t request the Dodgers cancel the fireworks due to weather concerns, the show will go on. They have set aside some tickets for residents of the Echo/Elysian Park and Solano Canyon areas who are interested in attending the game – email Noel Pallais at noelp@ladodgers.com with your address and telephone number no later than 9:00 am on Thursday.

The Stadium Neighborhood Focus phone number is (323) 224-2636 if you have any questions.

Echo Park residents watch the Dodger Fireworks from afar

I was impressed to see how many neighbors came out last night seeking higher ground to watch the Dodger Stadium Independence Day fireworks. Last season the Stadium put on a fireworks show every Friday home game, this year the fireworks are minimal. The next show this season takes place on Labor Day weekend on Friday, September 3, 2010.

The Dodgers were away last night at Arizona (we won 3-1) for 4th of July, but tonight the Stadium is putting on an Independence Day fireworks show when the team comes back to play the Florida Marlins. Here’s the low-down from Noel Pallias, Dodgers Neighborhood Relations Manager, from an email last week:

Please note that prior to the start of this upcoming Monday evening’s game against the Florida Marlins – which is scheduled for 6:10PM, there will be a flyover at approximately 6:00PM and a 15-20 minute fireworks show after the conclusion of the game. As always, the safety of those attending the event, our neighbors, the surrounding community and the firefighters themselves is of paramount concern to us. Therefore, as is our policy, should the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) request that we cancel the fireworks due to weather concerns, or any other concern for that matter, we will comply. Decisions on this will be made right up until the time of the show. Finally, LAFD personnel (including a water truck as is required by the fire safety code) and, as an added precaution, we will wet down the hillside closest to the demonstration area. Finally, Stadium management will be on site to manage the event.

Should you have any concerns relative to these events, please call our Neighborhood Focus Line at (323) 224-2636.

The Stadium did have tickets available for Echo/Elysian Park and Solano Canyon residents for the game, but all available tickets were claimed within an hour of the announcement.