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My cats and my Echo Park Farmers' Market Bounty

I met up with super awesome blogger Valentina of the newly published Eastside Food Bites tonight, and toured the Echo Park Farmers’ market for some tasty locally grown foods. As you can tell by the photo of my bounty (cats Niña, left, and Truck, right, couldn’t resist a sniff either), I’m on a vegetable kick. I also picked up an I Luv Echo Park sticker by local artist Bill Rangel at Beauty Box when I got my bangs trimmed recently (which they do for free when you get your hair done there).

Stay tuned for my article about the local foods at the Echo Park Farmers’ market! And check out Eastside Food Bites when you get a chance.

And yes, just in case you’re wondering, that is an enormous zucchini squash longer and fatter than my arm! Can’t wait to cook that one up (I’ll even share how!).