Fire in Echo Park Plaza

Photo by Rosie Betanzos

Photo by Rosie Betanzos

Rosie Betanzos reported the following story for Echo Park Timebank about the early morning fire in the Echo Park Plaza:

“At around 2 am on Thursday, September 10, 2009 a fire broke out at The Echo Park Plaza located at  1411 Echo Park Ave/Montana St. A few minutes earlier there was the sound of breaking  glass bottles. As it is in Echo Park,  the sound echos around the neighborhood of Echo Park, making it hard to pin point where it is coming from. Then past 2:30 am a fire truck siren sounded off stopping on Echo Park, then two truck and at the end we must have more then 8 fire trucks. Apparently the fire seems to have started inside the Dry Cleaners area.  The donut shop was spared, however the fire did spread on the roof top to the side businesses. The donut folks got there at around 1:30 am  but they only found out as they started to see the fire department lights.  No one was hurt.  One of the property owners Mr. Scott was notified immediately. The extend of the damage is still being determined. We are so fortunate to have two fire departments so close by.  The work from the  Fire Department  is appreciated.  Many thanks to the LAPD for being first on the scene and to the Fire Departments.”

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  1. Randall says:

    I appreciate having this news posted, but i’m embarrassed for all of us, and especially for the writer.
    there is no excuse for such poor grammar, and poor reporting.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thank you for your comment, Randall. We certainly all try our best! I personally thank Rosie for posting information, probably at the early morning hours, so that we can know why there are fire trucks, helicopters, and/or police vehicles in the neighborhood.

  3. Rosie Betanzos says:

    Randall, please don’t be embarass for us all for my grammer. I am proud that at least I am wriring, walking and speaking after my strokes. I do my best and I don’t apologize for how I write. It simple Randall it my life not yours.

    Warm Wishes,
    Rosie Betanzos

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