Opening Day!!

I woke up yesterday to the familiar tones of people alternately cheering and arguing while walking down my street. I knew this could only mean one thing: opening day. To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with baseball season. I live right near Dodger’s Stadium, and it can get a bit rowdy. Which is a blast when the Dodgers do well. It’s nice to see everyone in the neighborhood with smiles on their faces. It’s less fun when someone asks me if they can park in front of my driveway. Really, dude?!?!

But I think this season is gonna be a good one. I can feel it in my bones… and in my liver. At about 1:00 pm, two of my friends came by my house already a bit tipsy and carrying foam cups full of beer. They had been tailgating since 8:00 am. I enjoy drinking in the middle of the day as much as any other red-blooded American. So, I put on my blue, and we all headed down to the Short Stop. And I brought my camera with me to document our adventures.

This Is My Town

Short Stop

The Short Stop's own Olivia and Mikael

The 6th Inning

Free burgers and hot dogs for all!

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  1. Paul Lai says:

    I’m starting to kind of hate the baseball season, I live quite close as well and now we don’t get
    Any free tickets, parking or officers watching out. I don’t mind rowdy but no parking at all and boatloads of people littering everywhere doesn’t make a good morning. Dodgers you need to make the residents stay on your side. This is bullshit.

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