Echo Park’s Week In Music

The Like, New Fidelity, Bloodbath at The Echo (free)
Let Go Of The Rail, State Rec, Güf Trüp, California Priest at Pehrspace

CCR Headcleaner, Back the Future the Ride, Heatrock at Echo Curio
Bro Safari, Pablo Hassan, Steady, Citymavrick, Kemst at The Echo

Evan Voytas, Bell Gardens, Superhumanoids at The Echo
Johnny Osborne, The Melodians at Echoplex
Woolen, The Nocturnes, Pope Anything at Echo Curio

Mississippi Man, Pepper Rabbit, White Arrows, The Fling at The Echo
Bob Log III, Frank Fairfield at Echo Curio

Flying Lotus’ record release, Ras G, Samiyam, Dr. Strangeloop, Kutmah, Jeremiah Je at Echoplex
Turin Brakes (Acoustic show), Hard Drugs, Lucy Schwartz at The Echo
Oliver Future’s record release, London To Tokyo at Bootleg Theater
Summer Darling, Worker Bee, Golden Years, Wires in the Wall, George Glass (solo) at Pehrspace
Wreck of the Zephyr, Random Patterns, Boomsnake, Lovely Bad Things at Echo Curio

Flying Lotus’ record release, Ravi Coltrane, The Gaslamp Killer, Gonjasufi, Matthewdavid at Echoplex
Jeremy Messersmith, Jeremiah Streeter at Bootleg Theater
Leila Adu, Howardamb, Voice on Tape at Echo Curio
Torches in Trees, Phoenix and the Turtle, WALK at Pehrspace
Le Switch and Les Blanks at Origami Vinyl (7pm)
IHEARTCOMIX and The Crush Bros present Son of Boogie Monster at 2Headedhorse (10pm)

Bonfire Madigan, Rachael Cantu, Josh Norton at Bootleg Theater
Grand Ole Echo feat. Dan Janisch, 50 Cent Haircut, William Lee and The Modern Primitives at The Echo (Free Early Show; 5 PM)
Part Time Punks feat. Xeno & Oaklander, Epee Du Bois, Frank Alpine, Killing Spree DJs at The Echo (Late Show)

Thanks, in part, to LAist