Echo Park’s Missed Connections

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”

– Kahlil Gibran

September 7:

we stood close but no exchange of words – w4m – 22
you played drums at echo curio last night (9/6/10) and after your set you stood right next to me to watch the next band. i wanted to say hi because you were cute but i got too shy. i was wearing a white boat neck with blue stripes.


September 5:

FYF Fest – During Cold Cave – w4m (Echo Park)
Dave at FYF Fest! I feel so creepy doing this.. but you seemed really cool and I left Delorean to catch all of Panda Bear’s set!


September 3:

asian market shenanigans – m4w
We both had a chuckle when the cashier at the asian market in Echo Park wouldn’t let you buy your sweets because they had gone bad. Especially since you had eaten some of them already. You dressed like a painter and moved like a dancer. Would love to have more laughs, minus possible food poisoning.


September 1:

Gold Room girl – m4w
We’ve run into each other a few times, and you told me once that you liked a particular peculiarity about my speech. I like your kind eyes and freckles. Last time I saw you you were with a guy– was he a boyfriend? I hope not. I’d like to learn more. If this is you, you’ll know what junk I’ve got my in my trunk.



Burning Girl at Vons – m4w – 40
You told me my Mercury was in retrograde!

Laguna Ave – m4w – 46
To the pretty redhead with the beautifully curvy figure walking down Laguna Avenue Saturday morning about 9am……………..were you just passing through or do you live nearby? You were wearing jean shorts and had a cigarette in your hand. I had my dog with me, and had just got in my vehicle to leave when you passed by.

h/t Craigslist

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