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Flickr photo by LuisAHHH!

Flickr photo by LuisAHHH!

If you’ve been a long-time reader of Echo Park, or you just like browsing through our Archives, you may be a fan of the Echo Park Missed Connections. We pull from the good ol’ section of the Los Angeles Craiglist and republish the stories of those who are pining away about a lost potential love from around Echo Park. Echo Park’s Missed Connections will post as long as the content is rated… let’s say, PG. Hey, maybe someone will get lucky in love!

Glasses Boy at Tacos Arizas – w4m – 26 – September 17, 2013

We were both eating tacos Monday night at the Arizas truck – mine was carnitas, but I don’t know what yours was. Their carnitas is really the best, so I hope it was carnitas.

I smiled at you. You smiled at me. Anyway, maybe we can watch each other eat tacos again, less surreptitiously.

Cute Waiter at Sage Vegan Bistro – m4m – September 16, 2013

You greeted me when I came in. You were wearing a nice fitting green V cut shirt. I was waiting for my friend to arrive. You have such an awesome smile, and adorable body.

I was wearing a gray/green tank top and thick black rimmed glasses. If by some chance you see this, please email me!

Pink haired princess seeks Echo Park epic Prince – w4m – 30 – September 13, 2013

Me: champagne car, pink hair, cat-eye sunglasses, mint vintage coffee cup. Echo Park and Sunset. Rolled down the window and told you how beautiful you are. You asked for my number. Twice. The light turned. I laughed. I drove off. Wtf is wrong with me?! You’re the most gorgeous man I’ve seen this year. Such great energy. Contact me~ for full contact origami ha

You: white truck, brown hair. Perfect everything. Tattoo of cowboy steer on left forearm.

I wolf-whistled as you were crossing the street, you got knocked down – m4w – 30 – September 12, 2013

Blonde girl, blue pencil skirt, black heels, white with blue patterned shirt. You were crossing Sunset Blvd in Echo Park last Friday morning. You had a folder under your arm and looked in a rush. I was the guy with the ponytail who whistled and shouted ‘yeah baby’. You turned and looked like you were about to shout something back when a Knudsen Milk truck knocked you about six feet in the air. I waited with you until the ambulance arrived. As you slipped out of consciousness, I’m sure that you winked at me. Fate works in mysterious ways. Drop me a line if you see this. Hope that you are back on your feet soon.

Missed Connections pulled from Craigslist

Flickr photo via write-pudding

November 15, 2010
At the echoplex last night for Margot! – m4w – 27
I blocked you in at the merch table!

I know this is a long shot but I really wish I had talked to you more.

You are a beautiful blonde with long hair and about 5’5″ and were with your blonde girl friend with very short hair. I was standing behind you for most of the show. I’m tall, brown hair and was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.

I ran into you at the merch table after the show and made a terrible joke about not letting you through on purpose after me and a few other people blocked you in.

I would love to talk to you more. Maybe we can go for a drink and/or another show sometime.

November 18, 2010
Sunset & Rosemont – w4m – 26
Last night (Wednesday) around 11pm I was waiting for a bus & you rode by on your bicycle. Our eyes met & we simultaneously smiled. You’re handsome.

shortstop awesometown bla bla – m4w – 23
you are an indian girl whose name starts with a p. i’m a drunk white guy. you had a friend. you were both adorable. why did i walk away!? anguish, gnashing of teeth etc. anyways, there’s 0% chance you’ll ever read this, but if you, and you for some reason wanna say hi, holler w/your name and i’ll buy you a drink sometime. hooray!

December 2, 2010
Echo Park Library, cute latin girl – m4w – 26
Hey, if the cute latin girl that sat across from me today at the echo p library happens to read this. The girl with the hello kitty phone, i would love to hear from you, if you are interested shoot me an email!

December 3, 2010
We sometimes catch the same bus – m4w – 33
The 200 from Sunset/Alvarado to USC and back. You’re tall, you have longish, dark hair, and you’re really pretty. I sat across from you the other day; I walk on the grass when we get off the bus.

h/t Craigslist

November 2, 2010
You: A Sweet Fraulein in the street wearing hand-me-downs. Me: In Grandpa’s Lederhosen with real Pumpkin on my head. Because of some questionable decision making skills I decided to get a beer instead of chatting more with you. And there was no beer, and I couldn’t find you at the party. Uff-da!

November 7, 2010
cute hipster girl in blue/green glasses at Booty LA – m4w
You were this ridiculously cute girl with dark hair, funky glasses and lacy tights in the front row at at Booty LA. I pulled you up on stage and sang some Peter Gabriel to you and gave you a hug out in the parking lot. My ride was leaving and I didn’t have time to ask for your name or number. I would love to watch Say Anything with you sometime.

November 9, 2010
thanks for the smile at Vons – m4w
I was the guy in the glasses and light grey jacket, looking dumb-founded around 10 pm tonight at the Echo Park Vons. Thanks for looking back at me and smiling. Made my day.

November 11, 2010
brite spot wed night – m4w – 29
to the brunette at brite spot with her blonde friend
i should’ve come back in and introduced myself
because missed connections are lame 🙁

Sunday Century Spa – m4m – 41 (Century Spa)
We talked outside, both of us from the Echo Park area. Sorry not to have seen you after my body scrub. Would love to talk over wine.
Let me know…drop me a line. Cheers!

November 12, 2010
girl in rite-aid – m4w – 30
you blew me away. i couldn’t talk to you, i was so enamored. i think you drive a volvo. write me.

h/t Craigslist

"From Echo Park, with love." Flickr photo by Rachel Carr

October 31
Jack and Jill – m4w

Met you briefly at Short Stop. I am a character from Wizard of Oz.
It was nice chatting with you, I think we should hang out again- this time longer than 2 mins.
🙂 Hope to hear from you.

October 28
driving together listening to devo – m4w – 2
“uncontrollable urge” came on my ipod and all of the nights we spent driving together flashed back to me.
you’ve moved back to your old hometown. i never said anything because you were best friends with my ex-girlfriend.
was i just your friend?
i doubt you’ll check this.

October 25
cute girl with the red chucks – m4w – 28 (echo park)
you were sitting behind paul cibis at the end of the bar at taix. the room was dark and my eyeglass prescription has been in need of an upgrade for sometime now, so forgive me if i didnt recognize you at first. also, it was our first random comedy encounter and i was caught off guard. your luminous smile finally gave you away and i was definitely checking you out. definitely. hope to run into you again.

October 24
heart on my car – m4w
you wrote “i heart you” on my car behind my building in echo park. who are you?
tell me the model / color of the car if you respond.

October 21
bicycle ride in the rain – w4m
you were riding your bicycle down echo park blvd as i opened my umbrella and looked at you.

October 15
I was walking by as you got into your car in front of 711 on Sunset – m4w – 26
I was walking by & you were getting into your car. We locked eyes as I was walking by. I kept walking cuz I wasn’t sure if you were just looking at me cuz my glasses are broken & are crooked. I turned the corner & wondered if I should’ve waited or said something to you.
Anyways, if by some divine intervention you see this email me & say “hello”!

h/t Craigslist

Flickr photo via Orrin Otherwords

We’ve been trolling the Missed Connections posts on Craigslist for a long time now, and we’ve always hoped people find who they are looking for when it comes to a chance at l-o-v-e. Earlier this week, we posted this missed connection from October 8:

Joshua Tree Knot Tying Tim – w4m
Dear dream man named Tim. I am the girl you talked to at a bar in Joshua Tree, you live in Echo Park and I told you I’d run into you at Chango. You told me you just taught a class on knot tying, please come find me.

Since Craigslist posts don’t last very long, Tim has no way of finding his potential connection, so he posted this a couple of days ago:

Joshua Tree Knot Tying Tim – m4w (Echo Park)
Dear girl who I met at a bar in Joshua Tree who frequents Chango and listened to me talk about knots. I found your post on echo park now but it is no longer on craigslist. I will come find you.

It makes us warm and fuzzy inside that our fun with Craigslist might help bring these two together. Good luck!

Flickr photo via Stephanie Gonot

September 30
Cruisin’ on Sunset Blvd from Echo Park to Silverlake – w4m – 24

October 4
You’re going back to New York – w4m
And I didn’t even get to thank you for that water gun. It made my day!

October 8
Joshua Tree Knot Tying Tim – w4m
Dear dream man named Tim. I am the girl you talked to at a bar in Joshua Tree, you live in Echo Park and I told you I’d run into you at Chango. You told me you just taught a class on knot tying, please come find me.

October 11
tall guy at smiths nite wearing all black/crass shirt – w4m
i feel like a total weirdo for posting on here but I’ve seen you all over town and have always wanted to say hi but for some reason never did. i swear i’m not a creep and am not looking for anything at all, you just seem awesome..thats all.

October 12
Vons in Echo Park, Tues, Oct 12 – m4w – 36
Hi. I wanted to thank you again for being so thoughtful while I was in line behind you at the Vons in Echo Park. First, you were very kind to move your groceries on the conveyor belt! Second, you were very thoughtful in worrying that you would hold me back while filling out the application for a Vons Card! Your kindness and smile left the best of impressions and I regret not being able to introduce myself (in fear of holding up the line behind me!). Would be nice to be able to thank you again and have an uninterrupted conversation.

October 15
I was walking by as you got into your car in front of 711 on Sunset – m4w – 26
I was walking by & you were getting into your car. We locked eyes as I was walking by. I kept walking cuz I wasn’t sure if you were just looking at me cuz my glasses are broken & are crooked. I turned the corner & wondered if I should’ve waited or said something to you.

Anyways, if by some divine intervention you see this email me & say “hello”!

h/t Craigslist

September 14:

sunset & alvarado, thursday 10:30pm, you were on a bike, me a red vw – m4w – 26 (Echo Park)
I was in my red vw with a black top on, waiting at the light to make a left turn. You were on your bike with a friend at the right hand corner. You looked to me and gestured with your hand, and I shrugged and made the “I don’t know” look and smiled. You smiled back and we just kept signing at each other until the light turned. You kept looking back as you biked off and I wanted to somehow say hi. You were wearing a red outfit, I think a dress? Who knows if this will actually work, but that smile’s worth a try.

September 18:

today at fix – m4w (echo park)
you were wearing jean shorts and a tank top, sitting at a table outside with two other people, saturday in the late afternoon. i noticed you when you came inside to order, and again when i came outside to make a phone call. i wish i had said something to you!

September 20:

Me: Girl in line with the tequila – w4m – 26 (Vons Echo Park)
We were both in line this past thursday the 16th. I struck up a conversation with you because you were buying “Modelo” beer and I was buying tequila. We made each other laugh and after you were done paying, as I was getting rung up you told me to have a good night…I wished you would have asked me to hang out some time! As I stepped outside of the store I was hoping you’d be there waiting to ask for my number but you weren’t…you seemed funny and sparked my interest and if for some crazy reason you read this and want to hang write me me back:)

September 20:

Find me – w4m – 30 (Metro line 4/downtown)
I got on the line 4 in down town about 2:15pm and got off in echo park. I’m in nursing uniform, petite and have the long black hair. You’re in a black cap, black tshirt, and black jeans and sitting at the front of the bus. You are absolutely gorgeous and notice me noticing you. If you are at all interested the way it seemed, PLEASE find me!!

h/t Craigslist

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”

– Kahlil Gibran

September 7:

we stood close but no exchange of words – w4m – 22
you played drums at echo curio last night (9/6/10) and after your set you stood right next to me to watch the next band. i wanted to say hi because you were cute but i got too shy. i was wearing a white boat neck with blue stripes.


September 5:

FYF Fest – During Cold Cave – w4m (Echo Park)
Dave at FYF Fest! I feel so creepy doing this.. but you seemed really cool and I left Delorean to catch all of Panda Bear’s set!


September 3:

asian market shenanigans – m4w
We both had a chuckle when the cashier at the asian market in Echo Park wouldn’t let you buy your sweets because they had gone bad. Especially since you had eaten some of them already. You dressed like a painter and moved like a dancer. Would love to have more laughs, minus possible food poisoning.


September 1:

Gold Room girl – m4w
We’ve run into each other a few times, and you told me once that you liked a particular peculiarity about my speech. I like your kind eyes and freckles. Last time I saw you you were with a guy– was he a boyfriend? I hope not. I’d like to learn more. If this is you, you’ll know what junk I’ve got my in my trunk.



Burning Girl at Vons – m4w – 40
You told me my Mercury was in retrograde!

Laguna Ave – m4w – 46
To the pretty redhead with the beautifully curvy figure walking down Laguna Avenue Saturday morning about 9am……………..were you just passing through or do you live nearby? You were wearing jean shorts and had a cigarette in your hand. I had my dog with me, and had just got in my vehicle to leave when you passed by.

h/t Craigslist

“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

– Washington Irving


August 9:

redhead at el prado – m4w – 32

hello there..

we locked eyes like a million times but you were sitting with some dude.

i moved behind you, you turned and i said hello.

you. are. hot.

i sure hope you see this.


August 3:

Dan of Echo Park! Dance Right at La Cita on 07/29 – w4m – 23 (Echo Park (where you said you lived))

Oh, Dan of Echo Park, who works for the LA Times blog section (?)

You wore a black t-shirt with red horizontal bars and I wore a blue and white button down with a pencil skirt. You had cute glasses; I had black stilettos. You were walking by the bar, when I spotted you fretting and I told you to smile and cheer up a bit. A while later, you came out and told my friend that you wanted to talk to me. She told you to ask me to dance. So we did. It was great. You got my number, but you might have heard it wrong? I’d like for you to call me.


August 13:

Bank of America?! (Echo park)

Now i regret i wasnt brave to Talk to this dressed in red girl…but there was somebody sitting next to you And i want to ask you now: do you want to have a Coffee?


August 18:

Patras/Echo Park – w4m – 26

Hello, I was at Patras with my cousin her man and her kids. We were waiting for our food and I noticed a guy on his cell phone. When I looked at him he smiled. Since he was on his cell I just smiled back. Then once again our eyes connected and we smiled at eachother. I wanted to say hello but since he was on his cell I did not want to interrupt anything. He was so adorable with his colored eyes and light hair.

If this message reaches you let me know what color your eyes are and what I was wearing so I know it’s you.

h/t Craigslist

Photo via Virgosity's photostream on Flickr

April 24, 2010: Lauren from Westwood at Shortstop! – m4w – 23
Lauren! I talked to you at shortstop last night! You told me you were from westwood and that it was your first time out in echo park. You promised me you’d check missed connections, and I super hope this works. Email me! It will be amazing if this works! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah!

April 27, 2010: I miss you – m4w – 47
I miss you, Kamal. I wish you’d call I would love to hear your voice. Let me know how you are. You know who this is.

April 28, 2010: Guy on Bike Echo Park – m4m
You were the hot guy on your bike at the corner of echo park blvd/sunset today around 1:45 by the BofA. Thought we made some eye contact as I turned corner. Wow, hot.

May 1, 2010: Blue Civic, white sunglasses – m4w
Yesterday afternoon, on Alvarado, under the 101 freeway, we were stuck waiting for the light. Cute hair, cute smile.

You ordered a bagel today and it didn’t work out! But there is more to the story and it is a riot.

Ships that pass in the night and speak each other in passing; Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness…” Oh Henry, if only you were alive to witness the poetry of these modern-day words of longing.

from Space Penciler X's Flickr

March 27, 2010: You: “There’s A First Time For Everything!” – m4w – 30
You made the cardinal mistake of going to a party: Don’t bring your own cock blocker! My gf and I tried to get you to come home with us but you didn’t drive yourself to the party and it would have been AWkard!

You giggled “There’s a first time for everything…!”  Is there? =)

March 27, 2010: Green Dress Around The Fire Pit! – 49
You asked me if I was going to try to sell you a used lamp on Craigslist. I have something way more interesting in mind.

March 27, 2010: Shortstop Friday Night – m4w
You were devastatingly cute. Brea (Bria?). Wish I could’ve ditched my friends and chatted. God, you’re adorable. I’ll be back looking for you.

March 26, 2010: Taix thursday night – m4w – 30
sitting outside when you came out for a cigarette. had a brief conversation about music, buses, and merlin and guinevere. i regret not asking for your phone number before you went back in. maybe you’ll see this?