Echo Park’s Missed Connections

September 14:

sunset & alvarado, thursday 10:30pm, you were on a bike, me a red vw – m4w – 26 (Echo Park)
I was in my red vw with a black top on, waiting at the light to make a left turn. You were on your bike with a friend at the right hand corner. You looked to me and gestured with your hand, and I shrugged and made the “I don’t know” look and smiled. You smiled back and we just kept signing at each other until the light turned. You kept looking back as you biked off and I wanted to somehow say hi. You were wearing a red outfit, I think a dress? Who knows if this will actually work, but that smile’s worth a try.

September 18:

today at fix – m4w (echo park)
you were wearing jean shorts and a tank top, sitting at a table outside with two other people, saturday in the late afternoon. i noticed you when you came inside to order, and again when i came outside to make a phone call. i wish i had said something to you!

September 20:

Me: Girl in line with the tequila – w4m – 26 (Vons Echo Park)
We were both in line this past thursday the 16th. I struck up a conversation with you because you were buying “Modelo” beer and I was buying tequila. We made each other laugh and after you were done paying, as I was getting rung up you told me to have a good night…I wished you would have asked me to hang out some time! As I stepped outside of the store I was hoping you’d be there waiting to ask for my number but you weren’t…you seemed funny and sparked my interest and if for some crazy reason you read this and want to hang write me me back:)

September 20:

Find me – w4m – 30 (Metro line 4/downtown)
I got on the line 4 in down town about 2:15pm and got off in echo park. I’m in nursing uniform, petite and have the long black hair. You’re in a black cap, black tshirt, and black jeans and sitting at the front of the bus. You are absolutely gorgeous and notice me noticing you. If you are at all interested the way it seemed, PLEASE find me!!

h/t Craigslist

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