Timelapse video shows the beautiful side of Los Angeles lights

The following video “LA Light” was created by Los Angeles native and photographer/videographer Colin Rich. It’s simply stunning!

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  1. Annon says:

    Yeah but the person responsible for this video,Colin Matthew RIch is a hack and it is well known around LA. He stole his last project from some MIT students, claimed it as his own and then wanted to sue CitiBank they used this idea in a commercial. Talk about a low life. He steals materital and ideas and give no creative credit. This guy is a classic example of scummy Hollywood. Colin tell your fans about how you hack your speach for GMA funeral. He is so uncreative he could not even write an speech. He had to hack it. Another relative used to same poem befoe colin. While he was listed to speak in the program he froze up, because he is not the creative, and said nothing. Class Act right there. Then he got mad at the relative for using it, just like he did at Citi Bank for stealing his pacific Star hack for a commercial. How can you get made about someone stealing something you stole??

  2. Annon says:

    Took this kid six months of stolen ideas from Tom Lowe, and two years of living in his parents basement to make this masterpiece of HACK

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