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A recently aired Honda EX-L ad, filmed in Echo Park last October, shows our main character “Tim” gallivanting around the neighborhood, and then pulling up to a nice, open spot in front of The Echo. As if!

A more realistic portrayal would show the characters taking up resident parking along Echo Park streets, and returning at 3 am shouting obnoxious things like, “I could have TOTALLY gotten her number!” Not that we have any experience with this kind of thing…

The following video “LA Light” was created by Los Angeles native and photographer/videographer Colin Rich. It’s simply stunning!

LAist brings this 2007 video to our attention after the news of Amy Winehouse’s death. According to the article, the video titled “Tears Dry on Their Own” was shot in Hollywood as well as partly in Echo Park, so we’re posting it as well because, of course, Echo Park rules. Enjoy the video (see if you can spot our ‘hood anywhere, it’s brief) and enjoy your life being healthy and happy and appreciating the ones you love!

‘Memba all that hubbub in early December when they were filming at the Sunset Bridge on Glendale Blvd. for Avril Lavigne’s music video? Well this was quick – it’s out!

The vintage shop they go into, I believe, is the one on Sunset Blvd. just by the bridge. And then, of course, they move to The Echo!

My, how a lot has changed! There aren’t a lot of bikini-clad women hanging around the lake these days, but this is a great video of Echo Park Lake in the 1960s with Jody Miller for her song “Things”:

The video is actually a scopitone – basically a music video that played on a jukebox (it pre-dates what we now know as a music video, but is the same general idea).

Check out the size of those lotus leaves, and some of the plant life looks way different (those palm trees are much bigger now!). You can see canoes in the background at the boathouse – yes you used to be able to canoe! If only you could take a little Lazer sail boat like the one she’s got on the lake…!

h/t @smitty4657 for the link!

Brian W. posted this on the world wide web a couple of days ago, and it’s really a nice video of Echo Park Lake. If you’re looking to sell your parents or a friend on visiting you in your new pad in Echo Park, this is the video for you.

Echo Park Dusk from Brian W. on Vimeo.

Buy your tickets for the Echo Park Historical Society Home Tour, Eco Echo Park yet? Here’s some recent coverage from KTLA:

You might want to do it soon – you save $5 on tickets if you purchase them before November 14!

The KPCC website posted an article and video yesterday about the Echo Curio space here in Echo Park.

The art shows of Echo Curio lure in a different type of artist than most serious art galleries; instead, anyone from hobbyist painters, photographers, mixed media artists hand over whatever they want to show off and [owners] McInteer and Capes merely figure out the best way to display it. The eclectic nature of the art becomes in turn a community project of sorts and a reflection of the locals and their creativity.

Check out the video above and read the entire article here.

This week’s H&M fashion video features Echo Park fashion designers and businesses, including Olga Nazarova from Them Atelier, Andrew Selna of The Clinic of Echo Park, and David Hershberger of Front Street. Check it out!

Andrew Selna

The Long Night from 2HeadedHorse on Vimeo.

One of those filmmakers from 2headedhorse previously mentioned in a yoga class post made this beautiful video when the lights went out on Glendale a few weeks ago.

First spotted on The Eastsider LA.