Echo Park spots to curb your cravings for National Pizza Week!

This week is National Pizza Week, and what better way to celebrate than with a gallery of Echo Park’s most delicious pizzas? It should, after all, have its own food group.

Masa's Chicago deep dish (vegan style). Flickr photo via veganbakesale

Masa of Echo Park lures people from all over Los Angeles with its authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza. In addition to the amazing service and ambiance at Masa (we love you guys!), the kick-ass owners and great food, they offer a hearty selection of vegan options (which includes a vegan deep dish option).

Mohawk Bend mushroom pizza

Pizzas are Mohawk Bend are similar to flatbread-style pizzas – thin crust, light and fluffy crust, and farmer’s market toppings. And, of course, Mohawk Bend is very vegan-friendly. They’ve also been hosting All-You-Can-Eat Pizza on Mondays for just $12, starting at 5:00 pm!


Two Boots Pizza. Flickr photo via thenewmoon42

We’ve never tried anything with marshmallows at Two Boots before, but the Larry Tate is our fave slice from the Echo-adjacent spot. Two Boots is a pretty quick and easy spot if you’re hungry late at night!

Pizza Buona. Flickr photo via Daniel Pappas

We have to admit… we’ve never tried Pizza Buona pizzas before – but the sandwiches are awesome! Pizza Buona offers up a traditional Italian pie – have you tried it before? Looks like a lot of cheesy goodness!

Happy National Pizza Week!


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