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So we’re at the Echo Park Night at Dodger Stadium on the Reserve level, enjoying talking to locals like Bennett Kayser (who just won a School Board seat the other day), neighbors, and other EPIA members when all of a sudden this plume of smoke comes barreling down on us. Not too long after, an officer announces to our section that we should all move seats toward the other part of the stadium.

As it turns out, a “cinder block storage room away from public” on the upper level had caught fire, according to the LA Times. Thankfully, there was a helicopter nearby to shine its big bright light on the smoke. Soon thereafter, firefighters arrived – but at the 7th inning, the crowd was distracted, confused, and the Dodgers were losing 6-1 to the Marlins.

According to the announcement at the Stadium (just before we left due to the choking burnt plastic smell), the fire was under control. Thankfully, no panicking, no evacuation, but the Dodgers couldn’t pull it through. Hopefully the next Echo Park night out will be more successful!

We woke up early Friday morning, January 21, to the sounds of a very low-lying helicopter nearby. Turns out, there were news helicopters capturing a house fire at nearby 1324 Sutherland St, and we read about the fire later on The Eastsider LA. The narrow street and limited access to the house made it difficult for firefighters (access to the house were a set of wooden stairs), but other than a poor house cat that perished, no one was injured. It took a total of 32 Los Angeles Firefighters and just 17 minutes to bring the flames under control.

The fire department posted some additional information on their blog along with the video of the fire captured by a neighbor:

Navigating through a slim curbside gate and trio of narrow outside staircases to gain access, firefighters muscled hoselines and later ground ladders to battle intense flames that had taken hold of the front portion of a 106-year-old wood frame structure.

As the aggressive fire attack ensued, firefighters were pleased to learn that the home’s five occupants had exited the building with minimal injury, prior to the Fire Department’s arrival.

One of the residents however, had foolishly reentered the building in an attempt to reclaim possessions, sustaining smoke inhalation as well as first-degree burns to his neck and arms. In good condition following treatment by LAFD Paramedics, the man declined ambulance transport before being released at the scene.

Despite the diligent efforts of 32 Los Angeles Firefighters, one pet cat perished in the blaze. The well-coordinated assault on the flames held direct fire damage to a large front patio, adjacent bedroom, attic and dormer, with firefighters bringing flames under full control in just 17 minutes.

No other injuries were reported.

The three men and two women who lived separately within the home escaped only with their night clothes. They were assisted with temporary housing and human needs by volunteers from the American Red Cross.

There was no immediate evidence of functional smoke alarms within the home, as required by law. Firefighters later determined that the home’s occupants owed their survival solely to the happenstance that one resident was awakened by the sound of fire, and was able to alert others.

Loss to the non-fire sprinklered home is estimated at $95,000 ($75,000 structure & $20,000 contents). The cause of this early morning blaze is categorized as accidental, and attributed to the careless discarding of smoking materials on the patio that ignited combustible furnishings.

Check those batteries in your smoke alarms and be safe!

There were few last night who didn’t hear the incredibly loud fire alarm going off at Logan Street Elementary in Echo Park. A lot of people came out to see what all the commotion was – some neighbors telling me they often hear the alarm going off when kids try to break in to the building. But this time it was different.

A little after 10:0 pm, a fire broke out near an electrical panel in the building. One firefighter told me it started in the basement, but other reports say it started on the second floor. Damage was minimal, and noone was injured.

We ran into The Eastsider LA’s Jesus Sanchez on the scene as well, and since we sabotaged WordPress last night we weren’t able to post anything until now. He had the story up right away, you can read that here.

It took 42 firefighters and 43 minutes to put out the fire.

Logan is still open for classes, but some classes will also be held at Gabriella Charter School.

From WeiNeverSleeps Tweetphoto

At around 4:00 pm today, a fire broke out in a median near the corner of Douglas and Sunset Blvd. The Eastsider LA is reporting that firefighters do not yet know what caused the fire.