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The past few years, we’ve made a nice tradition with our close friends of the usual July 4th BBQ and beer, followed up by an evening walk around Echo Park. Since the Dodgers were out of town, our normal visit to an overlook in Elysian Park to watch the Stadium fireworks was quickly replaced by plenty of unsanctioned pandemonium. In our part of the neighborhood, it turned out to be one of the largest celebrations we’ve ever seen.

And the entertainment was so plentiful, we didn’t even make it to our usual Echo Park Lake visit, which in past years has included homemade M-80s (hate those), young children shooting Roman Candles, palm trees on fire, and lots of garbage (ick!). Now that the Lake is open again, we expected there would be a return to illegal fireworks at the lake, but according to our Twitter followers it was fairly mellow, while the rest of the neighborhood sounded like a battlefield, loud booms sounding constantly off the hills from all directions.

Grand fireworks displays on this Echo Park street

These guys were prepared with safety goggles, helmets and a leather jacket

What was your July 4th experience in Echo Park this year?

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The streets of Echo Park early this morning were quiet and calm – a drastic difference from last night’s 4th of July festivities. Just a few bits of the fireworks littered the street pictured here, along with some charred relics burned into the pavement.

We fared better than a vacant house on Fargo, which caught fire from the roof and may have been caused by a firework.

Having lived in the same place in Echo Park for just a few years now, we’ve seen the ups and downs of the 4th of July celebrations in the neighborhood. Echo Park Lake used to be the fireworks war zone, with roman candles, bottle rockets, spinners, even home-made bombs in this synchronized madness that’s hard to imagine now. And if you couldn’t tell from the loud booms and screeches and car alarms, this year has proven that the streets all over the neighborhood are just as crazy.

First up, chilling out with some beach chairs and our cameras at an Elysian Park road for views of the Dodger Stadium annual 4th of July fireworks. It’s one of few places in Echo Park where long-time families/neighbors and even hipsters come together to clap and cheer for the show.

A short walk around the corner and the best street fireworks are being set off every other minute. It’s easy to enjoy because, hey, they’re legal in some US state right?

It’s past 11 pm and things have quieted down, and the cats can relax a little bit. Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!

Cleanup at the Lake underway this morning

The Dodgers were away last night at Arizona (we won 3-1) for 4th of July, but tonight the Stadium is putting on an Independence Day fireworks show when the team comes back to play the Florida Marlins. Here’s the low-down from Noel Pallias, Dodgers Neighborhood Relations Manager, from an email last week:

Please note that prior to the start of this upcoming Monday evening’s game against the Florida Marlins – which is scheduled for 6:10PM, there will be a flyover at approximately 6:00PM and a 15-20 minute fireworks show after the conclusion of the game. As always, the safety of those attending the event, our neighbors, the surrounding community and the firefighters themselves is of paramount concern to us. Therefore, as is our policy, should the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) request that we cancel the fireworks due to weather concerns, or any other concern for that matter, we will comply. Decisions on this will be made right up until the time of the show. Finally, LAFD personnel (including a water truck as is required by the fire safety code) and, as an added precaution, we will wet down the hillside closest to the demonstration area. Finally, Stadium management will be on site to manage the event.

Should you have any concerns relative to these events, please call our Neighborhood Focus Line at (323) 224-2636.

The Stadium did have tickets available for Echo/Elysian Park and Solano Canyon residents for the game, but all available tickets were claimed within an hour of the announcement.

There are a couple of things going on in Echo Park for Independence Day tomorrow. Keep checking back, I’ll be updating events if we find more!

Echo Country Outpost
2:00 – 7:00 pm
Cost: $5 Door, $5 Cups, $1 Dogs, $2 Burgers

2:30 – Amy Blaschke, Jihan Lee and Spencer Lee (website)
3:45 – Fort King
5:00 – Eagle Winged Palace
6:15 – Verb the Adjective Noun

Now Showing new/old drawings by the Outpost”s own Brendan J. Missett. Also showing new photos by C. Hajek and E. Forneret.

Feeding Birds

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Masa, Allston Yacht Club and The Park restaurants are all closed on July 4th (AYC will be back on the 6th, Masa and The Park will reopen after July 6).