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You wouldn’t know it from the outside, other than a vinyl banner and a couple of colorful but crudely-drawn signs on the windows, but Señor Fish’s new location in Echo Park had its soft opening today. It still smells like fresh sawdust inside, the walls are bare, and there is likely a bit of furniture yet to be moved in – but the kitchen is 100% ready!

We snuck in not too long before the 9:00 pm closing tonight and snagged a couple of Ensenada Fish Tacos with mayo spread and guacamole. At $3.50 a piece, it’s not your cheapest deal in town. But the tacos are so freaking delicious that it’s worth every penny!

A+ for crispiness, the tangy mayo, a smokey salsa, and super fresh cabbage and guacamole. We honestly left wishing we had ordered about 10 more!

Señor Fish is open at 8:30 am tomorrow morning for breakfast and close at 9:00 pm. Although Echo Park Patch reports they are not serving any alcohol, our server behind the counter confirmed our inquiry by pointing out a display of beer including Corona, Modelo and Negro Modelo. Perhaps some day they’ll get a full liquor license for some margaritas to go along with those delicious fish tacos!

Señor Fish is located at 1701 Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

Pizza lovers rejoice! We’ve got a new pizza place joining the ranks of new Echo Park restaurants – this time, however, on the other side of Sunset Boulevard.

Taking over an empty storefront in the same mini-mall as Beauty Box, Sunset Beer, and the computer repair shop, the new restaurant promises to fill in a pizza gap for those of us on the other side of the neighborhood.

We’re taking precautions announcing the people and the name behind the new place for now – the last we heard they were in the process of ending their lease at the current location, so we’ll refrain for the time being (we certainly don’t want to get anyone in trouble!). But let’s just say the menu will delight both hipsters and non-hipsters alike – vegan options, and even a pupusa-style pizza that we’ve heard is amazing.

And what great timing – how awesome would it be to grab a couple of slices to enjoy next door at Sunset Beer with a seasonal microbrew?

Echo Park has recently become quite the beer destination, but who knows – maybe it’ll turn into the Yoga/Pilates/arts destination!

13-year Echo Park resident Tannis Kobrinsky saw the “for rent” sign next to the Yogala Echo Park space (in Peter Shire’s building) and, as she told us in August when construction started, “I knew this was the time and place. I’m extremely excited to be able to make this happen this year!” She wanted a place for Pilates classes as well as a dedicated art space, so that when you think about the studio, you think of it as a “wellness and cultural Salon.” Thus was born Pilates & Arts!

Tannis gets major kudos for her long-time residency in Echo Park, for opening the new studio, and for her major Pilates bod which you can check out on her website, HealtHabitravels.com (she’s inspiring me to get in shape!). While a grand opening party is planned for November (with a joint block party on November 13), this weekend she’ll be hosting a soft opening with a free “meet the machine” event so that any Pilates newbies won’t feel intimated trying out those machines like Pilates reformers, springboards, wunda-chair, and other exercise props with equally funny names.

You can expect traditional Pilates classes on the apparatus only in private, partner and group sessions, while Tannis will continue teaching Pilates mat classes at Yogala next door. Additionally, there will be a dedicated art wall in the studio along with intimate art gallery opens, art-related workshops and events during the studio after-hours.

You can sign up for the free “meet the machine” event on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16, by calling (323) 913-9460 or email info@pilatesandarts.com. Classes will be held every hour between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, and are limited to six people per hour.

Tannis wants to keep us budget-conscious folks in mind – Meet the Machine workshops will be held after the opening at $30 for three sessions. October is also a great month to sign up with Pilates & Arts – she is currently offering a discount on cash or check payments this month – 3 private session for $150, 3 partner sessions for $90, and 3 group sessions for $75 (must have prior experience practicing Pilates on the apparatus).

Pilates & Arts
1844 Echo Park Avenue

Reserve a spot: 323-913-9460 and info@pilatesandarts.com


Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Rates run $30 a person for a group class of 3-4 people max (or a series of 10 for $270), $40 per person for a partner class (or a series of 10 for $350), and $65 for a private class (or a series of 10 for $600)

Check the Facebook page for detailed hours on classes, and costs.

A new art studio space is opening in Echo Park, actually just around the corner from the new Mohawk Bend, is starting things off with a bang – tomorrow night, the new iam8bit Productions is hosting an art opening for fans of 1980s video game artwork. The group show is hosting over 100 artists “re-imagining” their 1980s era gaming fantasies via painting, sculpture, plush, and some interactive displays.

The super grand opening party starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm, music by DJ R-Rated along with Leeni and A_Rival. The show runs through September 10, 2011.

iam8bit took over the space a while back in November of 2010, spending their time renovating the 4,500 square foot space since then. In an email, owner Jon Gibson told us about the renovation: “We’ve been working rather stealthily, dramatically transforming what was a pretty dumpy space.”

And they are excited not just for the opening but also for the neighborhood: “We’re rather intent on bringing the local businesses in the neighborhood together, as one of the things we specialize in (and the reason we initially got the space) was for our marketing boutique and production company, in which we’ve become known for our community programs (i.e. engaging fans of brands).”

iam8bit is located at 2147 W. Sunset Boulevard

Looking forward to the show – see you all there!

Yelp photo by Ed A.

The sudden closure of the Save-A-Lot store at the end of last March has prompted a ton of speculation of what should replace the grocery store. Trader Joe’s vs. Fresh & Easy vs. Petco vs. my favorite, a locally-owned farm-to-table type of place.The debate has even given birth to a Facebook page called “Bring Trader Joe’s to Echo Park.”

While we haven’t had any official confirmation of what store is going into the space, located next to the Walgreens at Sunset Blvd. and Logan, the pro-Trader Joe’s Facebook page admin was told by a Walgreens employee that Fresh & Easy is, in fact moving in:

I have gone in and spoken to different employees there [Walgreens] for several months and gotten updates. I just called and they said that Fresh and Easy did in fact get the space and they are going to try to open sometime in December. So it’s cool that there is going to be a market we can all shop at in Echo Park but it would be a little sweeter if there wasn’t some controversy around how they treat their employees.

We’ve contacted Fresh & Easy to confirm this possibility, for now we’re filing this as rumor until we know for sure!


We asked the Fresh & Easy Facebook page about coming to Echo Park, and here’s what hey had to say: “We add ‘coming soon’ Clapples on our “where we are” map on our website when locations are officially planned and announced. We then announce grand opening dates a few weeks before that event when we’re finally ready to open the doors on a location. As for a location in Echo Park, I don’t show anything on any official lists of ‘coming soon’ locations. But we do love the area and, as with lots of locations, hope to be there someday!”