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AYC's Spicy Margarita

Hopefully things are starting to wind down at the office as the Christmas holiday approaches, so it’s time to start taking out your employees, employers, and/or clients for some holiday libations. Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park has a great selection of not just wine and beer, but also spirits.

You say tequila, I say tequillllllla

Take, for example, the most excellent jalapeño margarita, which I wrote about in my best-of margarita article last September. Starting tonight, AYC is adding Tequila Tuesday to its weekly specials, where you can get any tequila beverage for just $6 all night.

The spicy margarita is included with the special, along with the Basement Window (tequila, Kahlua, pomegranate and lemon) and their newest concoction, the Hipster’s Holiday (tequila, pomegranate molasses, almond syrup, bitters and ginger beer). Or you can try the “TT combo,” a shot of tequila plus a housemade sangrita chaser, also for $6.

Mellow holiday drinks

If tequila isn’t your thing, try the Baci (“kiss” in Italian), a cocktail with vodka, chocolate liqueur, Frangelico, chocolate-covered hazelnuts, and rimmed with a sugar/cinnamon/cocoa powder/allspice mix.

There’s also the Accursed Fruitcake, served on ice but will warm your tummy with brandy, gold rum, apple cider and “inebriated fruits.”

Couch potato?

If you prefer to stay at home, you can try mixing up those last two on your own by checking out the recipes after the jump. Just make sure you give AYC the credit.

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New restaurants:

  • Vietnamese Restaurant is taking over what used to be Par Paint on Sunset and Lemoyne.
  • Mooi Raw Vegan restaurant: We haven’t forgotten about this space, and have contacted the restaurant to find out when their opening might be. We will keep you posted!
  • As reported earlier this year, a Little Caesars is taking over the old Pioneer Chicken on Echo Park Blvd. Looks like things are finally coming along as they hung a vinyl banner out front and are putting up display menus inside.

Ongoing/Weekly Restaurant Specials

Other new news

  • PETA West Coast Headquarters (thanks to Bob Barker) on Sunset between Alvarado and Mohawk
  • Echo Park Country Outpost launches online store.
  • El Prado bar is now open early on the weekends, starting at 2:30 pm
  • Bus service between Union Station and Dodger Stadium is back for 83 games this year

Closed 🙁

  • Sirens and Sailors closed their storefront, but their online store is still open.