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Just when the heat is starting to get to us all, it looks like the Echo Park Pool is closed for at least today. The message phone (and the sign pictured above) says the pool is closed for safety reasons – the pool pump and filtration system is broken, and the water is so cloudy they can’t see the bottom of the deep part of the pool. No word on when the pool will reopen, but definitely not today.

Call the pool phone at (213) 481-2640 before you go to the pool this weekend and make sure it’s open!

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We recently received a lovely letter from one of our readers:

I would love to be a part of a softball team in our area but there is little or no info out there.  I know Los Angeles has a recreational sports website but they don’t really offer anything local.  Elysian Park has fields that are usually open and if there is enough interest around town, maybe we could organize a Sunday league.  Do you have any thoughts, info, suggestions?

Why, yes, dear reader. We do have some thoughts, info and suggestions! The Echo Park Recreation Center is located at 1632 Bellevue Ave (across from the lake, on both sides of the 101 freeway). It has tennis courts, a baseball diamond, basketball courts and a lot more. The center is under construction, so some of its facilities (such as the outdoor pool) are not accessible at the moment. They also offer a bunch of classes and leagues for kids, but adult teams and leagues are a little more scarce. I recommend checking out their Facebook page for announcements. You can also call them at 213-250-3578 (the phone number on their Facebook page is incorrect) or drop in. Don’t let the scaffolding fool you, they are open right now. Their hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday, Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:45 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm.

If aquatic activities are more your bag, I suggest checking out the Echo Park Deep Pool. There is a full-sized indoor pool and offer swimming and water exercise classes. It’s located at 1419 Colton St. The cost for adults is $2.50 to swim, but with your Library card it’s only $2.00.

Another suggestion we have is to look outside the borders of our neighborhood. The Silver Lake Recreation Center has an indoor gym, basketball courts and a baseball diamond. However, they offer mostly classes for kids.Your best bet for adult and senior classes is the Griffith Park Adult Community Center. They offer yoga, tai chi, cardio classes and more.

Another fun thing that you more adventurous types might want to check out: the Los Angeles Dodgeball Society. There’s a Silver Lake league that starts up on April 25th.