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Once Aisling Walsh gets some paint on the walls of her store and puts a sign up, she’s going to call it Caban (her business partner’s last name). But the lack of interior design isn’t stopping her from keeping her doors open every day from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in case anyone would like to stop in and browse her treasures.

And she does, in fact, sell treasures. There was one piece that caught my eye as soon as I walked in: a hefty, old leather chair with dials on the arm rests. She sat me down in it and turned the dials and it began to vibrate. An early version of a “massaging chair” from the 40’s. Awesome. These are the types of items that Walsh spends all of her free time hunting down: unique vintage and second-hand furniture, vinyl, clothes and costume jewelry.

Helping her out is Javier Flores, who will be re-upholstering Walsh’s furniture-finds. He is also creating clothes that are simple in design but feature funky patterns and textures. Each piece is one-of-a-kind but will be priced somewhere between $20 and $30 each. Walsh wants to offer items that are unique and beautiful but accessible and priced for the average Echo Park resident. And she wants to revive the east side of Echo Park while she’s at it. Join the movement and go check her stuff out at 1218 W. Sunset (Sunset and Marion).

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One of my favorite new stores/spaces in Echo Park is one of my neighbors, The Echo Country Outpost. Aside from scheduling monthly art exhibitions and weekly/monthly music nights, they stock their store with new and vintage curiosities that speak to the appreciators of handmade quality and out-of-the-ordinary gift giving opportunities. The store is arranged with the care and attention to detail of a finely curated historical or natural history museum, and each piece has a unique story. On a recent visit, I inquired as to the stories behind a few pieces.

1) Employee Picks – Favorite Book/Publication:
The Satanists: Devil worship as chilling as Rosemary’s Baby.
Salty Sayings: He who goes with wolves will learn to howl.
Peyote: A compelling study of the sacramental use of the Native American hallucinogen.
The Legends and Myths of Hawaii – The Fables & Folklore of a Strange People: A book of Hawaiian mythology & legends. Written by Hawaiian King David Kalakaua.

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Echo Park vintage boutique, Tavin, has some really interesting recycled paper costumes (Michael Jackson costumes, bustiers, skirts and dresses) made from 100% recycled newspaper and magazine pages. They are constructed with duct tape and “pure imagination” by designer Ingrid Ferrin. Stop by for a glass of wine, and complete your outfit with vintage accessories, jewelry, and more.

Friday, October 30, from 2 to 6 p.m.; and Saturday, from 2 to 6 p.m.

Tavin is located at 1543 Echo Park Avenue (near Morton Avenue and Grafton Street), Echo Park. 310-704-6058.


Warwick, the Vintage clothing and gifts store on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park, is dedicating the month of November to sustainability in fashion, style, art and design. Titled “Eco-in-the-Echo,” the store will feature local artists and designers who bring awareness to or participate in the environment.

“The idea is to show the community how vintage and restyled vintage is sustainable fashion, using existing materials to create style, trends and art,” says owner Justin Warwick in a press release.

On Thursday, October 29 from 8:00 pm – 1:00 am, Warwick will be kickstarting the month with a special launch party with complimentary beverages and gift bags for the first 100 guests.

In addition to his own vintage line, some of the artists that will participate in Eco-in-the-Echo include:

Chandra Abel Designs
Colleen Corcoran
Joseph Prichard
Docs Pop
Button Muse
Joanna Oster

Warwick is located at 1461 ½ West Sunset Blvd.

Check out some recent coverage on Warwick in the Green Guide Network, and for more information about Warwick you can go to the store’s website.