How to get in Shape in Echo Park

Laveta Stairway

With over 20 stairways around Echo Park, who needs a stairmaster? Now that the weather has warmed up, it’s time to get in shape!

With the help from the Echo Park Stairways PDF map from the Echo Park Historical Society, as well as from a website called Community Walk which has a map of Los Angeles Stairways (not all Echo Park stairways are listed on there, but there are a ton of spots around all of L.A.), we have put together this nice Echo Park Stairways map just for you:

View Echo Park Stairways in a larger map

This was, of course, before we discovered the Echo Park Historical Society’s interactive Google map of the Echo Park Stairways, which you can always check out here (we were having some technical difficulties sharing and embedding the map within our site).

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen!

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