Why you might want to avoid the Echo Park McDonald’s tomorrow

Photo via The Effervescent Vegan

PETA didn’t just moved its west coast headquarters to Echo Park last month  – they’re apparently going to start making their mark with a protest in the neighborhood.

LA Weekly reports that tomorrow PETA will take a stand against McDonald’s by staging a protest at the Echo Park location on Glendale Boulevard. The 5:00 pm protest (just in time for dinner) will bring out “hundreds” of young animal-loving demonstrators, including some wearing chicken costumes.

The purpose of the protest isn’t exactly about the “pink slime” we’ve all heard about on Facebook, but to demand McDonald’s start using more humane methods when it comes to killing chickens, which apparently European franchises already do. McDonald’s responded in the LA Weekly article:

We appreciate the chance to correct the inaccuracies of PETA’s campaign, and to outline the facts about McDonald’s animal welfare practices. McDonald’s expects humane treatment of animals by our suppliers in every part of the world where we do business. McDonald’s requires our food suppliers to do the right thing – for animals, for humans, and for the environment.

Who knows if a protest at the Echo Park McDonald’s will make a difference, but I guess you gotta start somewhere!

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  1. mortonie says:

    Hopefully the PETA folks will bring along some of the healthy dogs and cats who are scheduled to be euthanized (killed, murdered, put to sleep, etc) in the name of animal population control. How do no-kill animal shelters such as Pasadena manage to keep healthy animals alive while PETA commits this (ritual?) slaughter?

  2. Jeff G says:

    This is exactly what I was afraid of when PETA moved into the neighborhood. How obnoxious. I might go out of my way to patronize Mickey D’s tomorrow.

  3. Jesse says:

    Just a reminder, no matter the number of hipsters that have moved into EP in recent years, it’s still the “hood”. Many long time “locals” will not appreciate these PETA kooks disturbing our time wih the familia. Do yourself a favor PETA, request some security from LAPD.

  4. Beryl says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood, PETA!
    McDonald’s response was totally lame..they “expect” humane treatment of the animals and “require” for the suppliers to do the “right thing”. What exactly does that even mean? McDonald’s kills and processes about 500,000 pounds of cow a day for their burgers, and that’s just in the U.S.
    Enlighten me, how do can you kill and process that many cows in a day in a humane way, the “right” way?

  5. Kelly says:

    Cows are one thing – this one’s about the chickens. PETA claims they are “boiled alive,” McDonald’s calls it “controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS).” Yikes!

  6. Sighhh says:

    Why is it that PETA never protests fishing? Of anything that has to be the most horrible way to die; asphyxiated with a hook in your mouth…

  7. John in Echo Park says:

    If this is true, I think Peta has no class.

    A broader concept of ethical behavior is irrelevant once you forget how to be a good and decent neighbor.

  8. Alois Saint-Martin says:

    Beware Bourgeois Proletarian Gentrification Hipster Activist, Wolf in Sheep`s Clothing !

    As a Kid I. waited years for a McDonald`s to open in the Neighborhood. As an Adult I. could never figure out why Pioneer Market went out of Business while Vons thrived ? Friends and Relatives criticize me for carrying my Childhood around on my back like a cross. Better the Past, than the Future; I. always Say ~

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