Upcoming Events at the Echo Park Film Center

Friday, May 21 at 7:30 pm – CONSTANTINE’S SWORD (PRESENTED BY THE UNION OF PROGRESSIVE IRANIANS) Join us for a night of food, conversation and activism. Our friends and neighbors the Union of Progressive Iranians bring you this powerful film. CONSTANTINE’S SWORD, by Oscar-nominated documentarian Oren Jacoby, is an astonishing exploration of the dark side of Christianity, following acclaimed author and former priest James Carroll on a journey of remembrance and reckoning. DINNER PROVIDED. $5 admission.

Thursday, May 27 at 8:00 pm – VOICES OF LATIN AMERICA: THE OTHER CONQUEST/LA OTRA CONQUISTA Join us for a special evening celebrating the poetry and power of independent Latin American cinema with a screening of “The Other Conquest,” a 2000 Mexican feature film written and directed by Salvador Carrasco. This beautifully visual film tells the story of the Spanish conquest of Mexico from the perspective of the indigenous Aztec people, using original locations such as the pyramid of Tenayuca in Mexico City and the archaeological site of Xochicalco to bring authenticity and history to the filmmaking process. FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

Friday, May 28 at 7:45 pm – CINEMA SPEAKEASY PRESENTS ART BY CHANCE: The Largest Public Art Event Ever! For this festival, you don’t need to buy a ticket or go to a movie theater! Movies just pop into your lives in subways, buses, airports, shopping malls, trains, sports centers, art galleries, museums, plains, campuses, cafes and bars! Internationally selected and “TIME” themed creative short films catch you unexpectedly while traveling in the subway, waiting at the airport, shopping or just strolling around. ART BY CHANCE is taking place May 7 though June 4 in over 100 cities worldwide. Go here for more info. Bring: Your happy self and a noisemaking machine. We will be creating our own soundtrack to these silent short films!

Come on down for a shimmering night of music and images from Funeral Club (Bakersfield), Tippy Canoe (Oakland) and The Here & Now (Echo Park). Go here for more info.

Information provided by the Echo Park Film Center website.